#Blindspot Season 2, Episode 8 "We Fight Death on Thick Lone Waters" Recap and Review

In the second to last episode before the fall finale, as the team goes undercover things take a shift turn.

When the FBI takes on a case and gets Weller and Jane to go undercover mission, but the mission takes a south when guns and bombs go off. While the team gets two suspects, Weller and Jane are missing. 

Back at headquarters, the ADA is there waiting get his hands on the team once again. But he gets involved in this case. Reade and the ADA interviews the female suspect while Nas interviews the male, who by the way told one hell of a story from his point of view. He made Weller look like a weak defenseless person, and Jane too. 

While during the interview, they get information that this mission that they were doing was for a man named Marco, one of the top 10 FBI most wanted. 

Reade and Zapata goes out and checks out an area but spots Jane on the road, picks her up and takes her back. There she tells them what REALLY had happen. Weller took on Marco, by jumping into his boat while Jane was left behind. 

Nas, Reade and Zapata head back to find Weller and bring in the money. Weller and the scientist, that they kidnapped, escaped. But they didn't go too far. Weller looks for Marco and just as he was there, Nas and Jane get there and soon take Marco done. Apparently, Marco was the man that meet with Jane, Weller and the other two at the warehouse. 

Meanwhile, Zapata tells Reade about what she took the knife in the Jones case, thinking that it was his but it was his friend's. The two argued about it but she got it back in time and Reade got his friend a one way ticket out of the city. 

Nas gives Patterson a gift of the access to all the stuff that Nas has in her basement. I guess she thinks she's moving up.

This episode was really good. I enjoyed the second suspect's story from his point. I thought it brought a lot of humor (for me) to laugh and I did laugh my pants off too. I guess Weller seems to be in a love square type of relationship: Allison, Nas, and Jane. There's something there, and it's kind of freaking me out. 

Each actor gave a really good performance. So was the writing as well. And it leaves to the biggest cliffhanger for the fall finale; Phase II is about to begin! 

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