#Blindspot Season 2, Episode 9 "Why Let Cooler Pasture Deform" Fall Finale Recap and Review

Everything has lead to this episode, so many twist and turns that I want the show to come back now.

At the end of the previous episode, Jane was kidnapped and taken from her brother back to Sheppard because he gets a message that she has betrayed them. Taking her back to the compound, they meet with Sheppard and tells Jane that they've moved up the timeline for Phase II. Sheppard and Roman leave Jane in the room, alone, to handle something, which gave Jane time to look around and try to get a few snapshots and make a call to Weller.

Weller and the team get Jane's message and they see that they're gonna blow up the power grids. So as they get their team together and head to where Jane is located, Jane gets caught red handed by Sheppard, who had the idea that she would do. They take her down in the warehouse, tied, and tell her that Phase II wasn't going to happen but Phase II for her team (FBI) was going to happen when they get to the compound.

But before Weller headed out, he gets a phone call from Allison's boyfriend that she was in the hospital, but when he gets there, there was no record of her being there from an accident. It was a distraction so he wouldn't be with the team, of course, he figured that out when he was driving to the compound and telling Patterson to inform them, but was too late. 

Sheppard tells Jane that she's disappointed and from what she has done, she's gonna have Roman kill her. Of course, do you think that will happen, even after he has done some crazy stuff to people and hearing the story of him not being able to kill the bunny...he tired and aimed the gun at Sheppard, but there weren't any bullets. Sheppard was even more disappointed in him and soon turns into one of the most mothers vs. daughter vs. son fight on television. Roman shoots Sheppard, only injuring her, but Jane takes him and runs off. 

But before they'd fought, Sheppard told Jane, how they knew she was working for the FBI, from someone who works in the FBI. Their spy...no other than Dr. Borden! And all this time I thought it was Nas. 

When Weller gets to the compound, the place was in rumbles. A few people come out, and he spots Zapata, they try to find Nas and Reade until he felt a vibration in a large steal pipe that Nas has been banging for help. 

Meanwhile, Jane and Roman get away from Sheppard, but they come to an area where there are syringes and meds around. Jane talks to Roman and tells him that they only way to help is to start at the beginning and sticks him with that stuff that they gave Jane on losing her memory. 

But at the end, it leaves a complete cliffhanger when Paterson finds out who the mole is in the FBI. She sneaks into Borden's place and hears him talking on the phone. She confronts him about it and tells him ht's under arrest. But it didn't end just there, they two chased and fought until one gun was in between them until it goes off. Who got shot? 

This was a very good episode that delivered on suspense and surprises for a fall finale. Did it end the Phase II storyline, no that still looks like it's gonna continue. But the shocking reveal of Borden being the mole in the FBI was a complete shock. I had a thought that it was Nas with all that stuff she's doing and listening in on the tapes of everyone's therapy sessions. I thought that writing was really good and felt that the acting was good, no one really stood out as a performance of the week kind of the thing. 

So what will happen, I think the one that got shot would be Patterson. But Borden will help her and take care of her from the injury. I think with understanding, that Weller and Co will forgive Borden for what he has done in efforts to help them. Jane will take Roman to the FBI and probably either get him ready to prep him to work for them or send him back to Sheppard (highly unlikely). Who's in favor of the three love cross between Nas, Jane and Allison for Weller? 

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