#Blindspot S2 Ep. 4 "If Beth" Recap and Review

Jane gets a family history while the FBI dealing with an art assassin and a secret for Weller that will have you stun.

Jane gets a little information of why Sandstorm is doing what they're doing. Roman shows her to Canada to show her what they're fighting for. Now this might nt be a lot to understand but when Sheppard confronts Jane about her family and what they suffered from and to what Jane and Roman brought to her makes perfect sense that they're gonna after the Government.

Meanwhile, Patterson finds a hidden code in the honeycomb tattoo on Jane's hand. It gave a number and a name. It lead to a man that goes with a code name shadocat. After capturing and leaving shadocat out cold thanks to Reade's issue, the team navigates into an assassin about to hit an art gala.

The team goes undercover, each member takes on each level of floors. When Patterson went downstairs, she gets attack from the assassin but Weller gets there in time to save Patterson and chase the assassin but looses her.

Jane confronts her and battles with another great fight scene that Blindspot has given. But after almost kicking her butt, she pulls out flash bombs and knocks out Jane.  The team searches to find who this assassin ad find where she was going to hit next. That's where they caught her and questioned her. Shocking enough she admits she's a CIA agent, but there are no files to prove that.

She opens up and tells Weller and Jane everything and soon we get from job to asking to save her child from her father. That was something, Weller and the gang catches up where the father and her daughter are at and the father starts shooting at them.

After taking down the father, all of the sudden the daughter takes shots at the FBI too, until Jane talks to her, calms her down and takes her to her mother. The two reunite and things look peaceful.

Reade is still struggling with the Coach Jones case. It's now reflecting his job when he injured two suspects. Zapata is the only one concern for his safety.

Weller and Nas seem to get along in this episode. After the case, they both have a scotch and soon after Nas shows Weller why Sandstorm is using him from the start by showing a clip of the graduating the academy that Sandstorm has been watching Weller from the beginning. How weird is that?

This was an amazing episode!!! We got to see Weller and Nas grow closer as co leaders of the team. Another great performance from the cast again. Looks like Nas and Weller are slowly getting along and understanding each other. 

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