#Bull Season 2 Episode 3 "A Business Of Favors" Recap and Review

Here we go....


The episode starts like every hazing scene you’ve ever seen. Water is thrown onto boys and there taken out of bed. They are all forced to drink copiously, and then thrown in the water, in their underwear of course. After two of the boys start to talk, one of the boys in charge to tells them to swim to the other side of the river.

A kid with fishing gear walks past all the beer cans along the pier and peers through the cracks. He sees a body. It’s one of the fraternity boys.


Bull is in the courtroom and he’s talking to Judge Abernathy. She needs a favor. One of her colleagues in the department needs his help on a case.

The Assistant District Attorney is her son and he doesn’t know who to charge. His mother suggested using Bull like a polygraph. He obviously has disdain for the idea. Bull tells him that they’re all lying and then they go to talk to the mother. Abernathy is cold and unfeeling and Bull tries to help by telling her his theory. She calls the idea that others were there when he died “a second death.”


Bull reads Abernathy the riot act after they leave and psychoanalyzes him.


Abernathy caves and asks for help. Bull says to charge all 15 boys and one of them will crack, or their parents will.


A news crew captures all of them being booked and Bull says that Abernathy can thank him later.


At TAC, Cable has a security video of the frat house. 16 boys leave at 1 a.m., 15 boys enter at 4 a.m. Bull, Cable, and Benny talk about angles the other side might take and then Bull asks where Marisa is. They don’t answer him except to say she’s fine.

The M.E. tells Danny that Sam Weyland died of choking on his own vomit, not of drowning. It would have been a noisy death and one impossible to ignore.

Chunk goes to the frat house pretending to be a bail bondsman. The lawyer doesn’t let him in, but does give him his card after Chunk flatters his ego. Three other lawyers do the same.


Marisa’s finally at the office and Bull is concerned about where she was. She had a date and she is saved from further details by Chunk coming in.


Bull takes a call from Abernathy. Nobody’s cracked yet and the trial is the next day. Bull tells him not to worry and Abernathy hangs up.

He talks to Benny about threshold numbers and uses the example of a robbery versus a riot. He also talks about a man with a granny shot and peer pressure.

He breaks a pen in Abernathy’s jacket to see who will say something. The third guy, a treasurer, does. Bull needs to talk to Marisa, but she isn’t there.


During their lunch break, one of the lawyers comes up to Bull, Benny, and Abernathy. He talks to Abernathy and insults Bull when he cuts in. Nothing productive comes out of it.

Bull and Benny talk. Bull is worried that he doesn’t have a case and then realizes they’ve been going about this backward. They should pressure one kid away from the pack until he cracks.

At TAC, he explains why the roommate is the right choice. He had to lie more than everyone else did. Abernathy leaves and Bull talks to Marisa. He wants to meet the guy. Marisa wants to make sure it’s serious first, but she is happy.

They put the roommate on the stand. Abernathy explains that at Sam’s blood alcohol he would have most likely been unconscious and reminds him of the sentence for perjury. The roommate doesn’t change his story. Abernathy brings in the security video, and the roommate says that Sam went through a side door because he had to pee.


Abernathy tells Bull that the judge is threatening to dismiss the case. She says that she’s going to move for a directed verdict. Bull asks for one more witness: the mother. The judge agrees as a favor.

Bull convinces the mother by telling her that the boys need to hear what she told him. Her testimony is thrown out due to irrelevance and Bull finally gets hold of Marisa. She tells him to text Benny in 20 minutes and that they’re about to tell some lies.


They approach one of the older boys and claim that all the jurors were turned by the mother’s testimony when only eight were. Then Benny gets a text and Abernathy gets two voicemails. They claim that some of the lawyers and parents are ready to make deals. The boy agrees to testify after he learns he could face 25 years and Bull promises to speak for him.


His id bought the alcohol. He had the megaphone. He threw Sam into the river. After an hour in the water, the roommate said he couldn’t see Sam anymore. They shouted for him and looked all over, but they didn’t find him. He was the one that said Sam might be back at the house. They didn’t even think to call the police and he is the one that made everyone else promise to tell the story. He gets two years in prison, which is getting off so easy I’m still in shock. Everyone else moves to get up and the judge tells them to sit. The other 14 boys get 500 hours of community service.

The mom thanks, Bull and he goes back to the office.


He calls for Marisa, but she isn’t there. Poor Bull.


I was fascinated with how this would turn out because there was a similar instance at my university a few years ago. This was odd, to say the least, but not necessarily in a bad way. I liked Marisa’s character development and how it influences Bull. The fact that the kid got off easy is the judge’s decision so I’m not holding that against anyone. 7.5/10