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#Bull S1 Episode 5-6 "Just Tell the Truth" & "Bedside Manner" Recap

At a engagement party Richard and Layla have an argument over a discussion she had with her father she ends up dead the parents of Layla try to hire bull and his team because Richard confessed to the murder. Bull takes Richards case instead and meets him in jail


cable and danny do recon on chucks date when bull comes in and asks them about Richards guilt. Danny goes to the crime scene and pulls something from the dumpster after the voir dire danny meets bull and shows him the glass and the dumpster edge which she believes is the murder weapon Layla's parents accuse bull of helping her killer then Layla's father punches him in the face.


At TAC Isaac and bull go through the four psychological techniques that hagerty on Richard mental exhaustion, promise of escape, offer a reward, and forcing language. In the prison bull shows Richard how the prosecution will treat him. Bull and six jurors are stuck in an elevator so that they will understand the pressure that Richard was under. the jury comes back with a not guilty verdict and danny helps in catching Layla's real killer Richards friend dominick


bedside manner

During an operation, Dr. robeson had to perform an emergency hysterectomy to save Erica's life now he is being sued by her for malpractice. At TAC Terry comes in to mock trial the mock jurors can't stand his ego bull has Benny pulled and replaces him with liberty as a council. 


cable finds that robeson saved Erica's life three times during the surgery but isn't in his notes because he pulled rank to get the anesthesiologist dr. Edwin and nurse Kelly Abbott on the surgical team. Robeson has an outburst in court against the star expert Dr. Talbertson. On the stand Erica says that robeson failed her emotionally after the surgery.

Dionysus is being paid off by the VP of the company that makes atticus the robotic arm used during the surgery. Danny and cable sneak into the hospital to download the software from atticus which shows that an update two days before the surgery which caused a malfunction


in the court dr. Grey ridge is on the stand to prove that their was a malfunction with atticus. Robeson takes the stand to prove that he has trouble with the personal connection aspect of his job. The verdict comes back not liable. Marissa says that the reason that it didn't work with her and Terry is because she can be around brilliant difficult men she just can't date them


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