#Bull Season 2 Episode 17 "Gag Order" Recap and Review

The episode starts with a lady in an office. She gets a package that contains a key card and what appear to be security codes. She memorizes the codes, shreds them, and gets in contact with some online. Both of their messages disappear upon reading. She uses the keycard to get into a building, and she gets caught downloading information.

Chunk tells Bull that he’s heading to the airport to get his daughter. Bull doesn’t appear to have heard him until Chunk is walking out the door. Then Bull tells him to take his car. They then talk about the awkwardness.

And there is plenty of that. Chunk is trying so hard, but she isn’t saying much. One of their visits is with the lady from earlier, whose name is Chloe Tomlin. She tells them that she’s been arrested. Chunk’s daughter offers him up to help. He says that he’ll try to set up a meeting.

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Bull is interviewing a guy for Cable’s job by making him hack a drone. He’s successful, his name is Isaiah, and he’s hired.

Chunk and Tomlin are in Bull’s office. She was working on a story on the dating app, Spark4U. There have been instances of several women that have been sexually assaulted by men they met on the app. And the security is bubkis. One example is a woman named Megan was raped, but the police couldn’t find anything. The man’s profile was fake, and he logged in from a public computer. Tomlin was writing an expose on this, and that’s why she was at the office. She had a source that sent her the security key and the codes, but the security protocol was changed that afternoon. That’s why she got caught. Bull agrees to take the case but is curious why her case is being tried in federal court.

It’s because the prosecutor also charges her with corporate espionage or the theft of proprietary information with the intent to sell it to a competitor. Tomlin is blindsided, even more so when they request a gag order. It’s granted, and that means that she can’t publish her story unless they win.

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Cable and Danny talk. Danny tells her about her replacement and Cable says that she still doesn’t have a job.

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Marisa has Isaiah decrypt the files that Tomlin stole. It’s in-app advertising and could be classified as trade secrets.

Benny and Bull talk. Not only did the prosecutor get a gag order, but they also got a closed court, which makes life harder for them. Marisa makes it harder when she tells them what Isaiah found. They will need jurors that will see Tomlin as a whistleblower.

Chunk and his daughter are at dinner. It doesn’t go well, and she storms out.


Bull confronts her about what was on the drive. She genuinely didn’t know, and he believes her.

After jury selection, the prosecution gives an updated witness list. It includes Tomlin’s ex-boyfriend that works for a competitor. Weird that he’s never mentioned again. Bull and Benny need her source to back her up, but she will not give the source up.

Bull asks Isaiah about the app that they used to correspond, ChatErase. While he agrees that it’s theoretical to get the messages back, he doesn’t know how. Bull tells him to do it anyway.

Tomlin’s editor is on the stand. He says that she’s on administrative leave, which is news to her, and denies that there was ever a story.

He apologizes after, but he was told to lie. Bull and Benny think it’s all levels of sketchy.

Marisa and Bull talk. She comes with the genius idea that, since it’s an open court, the sexual assault victims could testify without being exposed to the public.


Isaiah visits Cable at 2 in the morning. He needs her help. She doesn’t want him to tell Bull.

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One of the victims is on the stand. She was paid by the company to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Benny and Bull make the point that, in a closed court, the contents won’t do any harm to the company, and the judge allows the witness to discuss it. She was paid off.

Bull, Benny, and Marisa are talking when Isaiah comes in with the messages. They didn’t come from Spark4U. They came from a private security firm called Gold Lark.

Bull explains to Tomlin that she was set up. They traced the messages to Jessa Northrop and got a subpoena for her to appear in court.

She pleads the Fifth to almost every question Benny asks her.


Marisa has another crazy brilliant thought. How did Tomlin get the key card?

They put the Founder & CEO on the stand, and his testimony unravels quickly. He had another key made to give to Tomlin.

Because of this, the jury finds Tomlin not guilty. Bull says that the way to thank him is to publish her article somewhere else.

Chunk and his daughter talk on her way out of town. She got into Columbia and will need somewhere to stay when she visits. They aren’t completely good, but she’s at least talking.

Bull visits Cable. He knows that she helped Isaiah and he gives her her old job back. We’ll see if that backfires or not.


This one didn’t have any singing, so that’s good. Also, Marisa is a genius. 8/10.