#Bull S1 Episode 3 "Unambiguous" Recap & Review

Three years after the murder of Mike Tasker people believe that another student named Reese burton killed him because she had accused him of rape had thrented him with a gun she bought and that her DNA was found at the scene of his murder. bull decides to take her case after hearing her tell her story. Able to get some time by getting Ellen huff put in jail for not revealing her sources.

Moving to trial it turns out that there was another rape charge filed against mike by his girlfriend. His best friend and teammate were using steroids which wasn't mentioned in the podcast by Ellen. Visiting Ellen in jail bull in able to get access to her files.

Ellen if found dead outside her apartment building seems she was pushed bull is able to locate his client Reese because she was running after hearing about Ellen's death at the police station she is cleared of Ellen's murder by a video with a time stamp showing her enter her own apartment at the time of death. Getting Reese ready to face Benny's ex prosecutor of a girlfriend I'm the witness stand bull decides to bring her in to mock court. Amamda gets her to have a panic attack but she is able to get through it thanks to her working with dr. Bull during mock court. Danny finds an audio recording of Ellen telling that she knew of the steroids and the fight with the girlfriend but didn't think it was relevant. The jury finds Reese not guilty.

Amanda comes by TAC to congratulate Benny on his win. Marissa asks bull how long the feeling of helping Reese lasts the answers until the next one.

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