#Bull Season 2 Episode 1 "School For Scandal" Recap and Review

The episode starts with a Bull voiceover, like the bullet one, but this time about scandals.

The scene shifts to an older guy in his office, trying to close a business deal. It doesn’t go well and his much younger wife, Minka Kelly, walks in in lingerie. She wants to talk to him about their prenup. He won’t budge, and she stabs herself three times. He runs to her, and she shoots him three times. She then shreds her gloves and calls 911.


Lovely Day by Bill Withers plays as all the characters except Chunk and Bill read the news about the incident.

Bull is texting Diana Lindsey in the husband’s office. The company wants to give him a job.

Bull walks in on Chunk talking to himself.

He then talks to Marisa, who is working with the financials. Clayton Communications has given him 250,000 dollars to take Mrs. Clayton to court. They also talk about Lindsey.

Her and Bull make shadow animals in bed and she asks him for a favor. She wants his help defending the widow. He obviously can’t and it upsets both of them.

Chunk catches him in this mood and he’s dressed like Benny. He’s going to law school at Vanderbilt in January. Is it just me or is Chunk all over the place? Anyway, Bull goes to Marisa to see if she can give him a raise. He can’t afford it.


The client arrives and informs Bull that they are prepared to offer Mrs. Clayton 500 million dollars to give up any right to the company. They offer Bull more money if he can make it happen.

Bull calls Lindsey, but she repeatedly hangs up on him. He finds out where she’s staying and eventually manages to talk to her by getting into the same car. She likes the offer and lets him go to tell Mrs. Clayton with her.

Bull 201.jpg

She’s in the hospital and she doesn’t take the offer. She’s a very good actress and Bull tells Lindsey as much.

He talks to the clients again and comes with a strategy to get the case to court. They give the DA a sizable campaign donation and he makes Benny assistant DA for the trial. Bull says that he wants a scholarship fund for any law school in New York for any person he chooses if they win, in addition to the money they promised. They agree.

In talking to his team, he says he wants jurors with intellectual curiosity. His favorite is an actress that makes her money as a salesman(woman).

Mrs. Clayton comes into the courtroom in a wheelchair with an oxygen tube.


One of the clients explains the prenup, which included sex. Many of the jurors find this unsavory. He then goes through how the prenup worked. If the marriage had ended at the time of his death, she would have gotten 16 million dollars. Now that he’s dead, she stands to gain 6.65 billion dollars.

Lindsey takes away their momentum by asking how much money she would have gotten if she died from the stab wounds.

Bull overhears the actresses’ phone call outside the courtroom and finds out she’s from Callisto, the same place as Lindsey.

He gets ticked and finds out that Danny vetted her. He then calls Lindsey, who claims no knowledge, calls him stupid and hangs up. Danny comes in, reads them the riot act, and then tells him that he missed something too. There were no fingerprints on the gun. He thanks her, apologizes, and then asks for her help.

Lindsey calls Mrs. Clayton to the stand and she tells a wonderful story, even going so far as to stand and show her wounds.


Benny asks her about her college major, which we find out was originally anatomy. That’s how she knew exactly where to stab herself. He also confronts her about the gun and tells her that NYPD is going through the shredder. The court unanimously finds her guilty.

The scene shifts to another Lovely Day montage with another Bull voiceover. Chunk gets his scholarship and everybody else gets a raise.


Bull and Lindsey makeup, but is anyone clear on the status of their relationship?

Bull 201 1.gif

This episode felt shorter than most last season, mostly because we usually get more jury stuff. I’m gonna stay tuned to see how that goes. 8/10.