#Bull Season 2 Episode 10 "Home for the Holidays" Recap and Review

The episode starts with the dance of the sugarplum fairy and a little girl in the airport. She wants to go to London, but the British checkout woman wants to know where her parents are. She says they’re on the plane, but she gets caught and put in TSA custody. The nanny comes to pick her up, with a notarized letter from her father authorizing her to take the girl home.


Benny and Bull talk about a new case that pays three times their going rate if they finish by Christmas, which Benny points out is in five days.

The case is patent infringement between two cellphone companies. They’re defending the cheap knockoff, or, in legalese “the realistically priced alternative.”

Bull walks into his office to find the little girl. He thinks she belongs to Marisa. Good to know he’s as good with kids as Tony. The girl tells them that she wants to get divorced from her parents. Bull explains that that isn’t the word she’s looking for and it isn’t possible. She could only be emancipated at 16. He gets Marisa to take her home. Her name is Charlotte Kensington aka Charlie.


Bull leaves his office at 9:00 and Marisa still haven’t found a home for Charlie.  Bull says that he’ll take care of it. He eventually gets an address out of her and takes her to her building. She begs him to put her to sleep, and he eventually relents because she hugs him. Her apartment is huge, and she’s the only one in it. She begs him to stay until her dad gets home. She says that her mom left.

He wakes up with a gun being cocked. Bull explains the situation and then checks the time. It’s 2:30 am. Then he gets that look where you know he’s going to do something about this.


Bull and Benny talk at the courtroom. Somebody else is responsible for the technology both phones are based on. He thinks they can get the case dismissed.

While they wait for the judge, Bull takes a detour to family court. He explains the situation to the judge, and the judge thinks it warrants an investigation. While the investigation is in progress, Charlie will need a Guardian ad Litem, a person to be her legal guardian and to provide an opinion at the end of the case. Bull thinks this is a great idea until it’s him. He does it anyway.

Benny couldn’t get the case dismissed. The judge wouldn’t even see them because the issues at play are too complex.

Back at TAC, Bull comes up with a strategy full of technobabble. The important part is they’re selling a narrative about evolution, not stealing, and it’ll take forever and a day.

Screenshot 2017-12-13 10.58.17.png

Bull gets a call from the Judge and has to go. He asks Marisa to call him from his office and tell him all she can about family court. Judge Sullivan rarely ever sides with parents. Then he asks her to look up the parents. The dad is a hardworking investment banker. And here’s the twist. The mom died three years ago.

When he gets to court, he sees the dad and apologizes. He says that he’ll try to fix it.

Marisa is on the phone about her mother’s rent. Benny interrupts her because he knows nothing about algorithms. She gets the guy to give her 72 hours. Then Benny asks her to explain. She tells him everything and he tells her to talk to Cable and Danny.  She hadn’t before because she was too embarrassed.

Bull tries to talk to the judge before the hearing, but it doesn’t do any good. The dad talks about the mom and how good of a parent she was. He also promises to correct his behavior. The other lawyer then asks him a series of questions about Charlie, none of which he can answer. The judge says that they will reconvene in two days. In that time, Charlie is released to the nanny and isn’t allowed to go home with her dad. He tries to talk to her afterward, but she doesn’t want to speak to him.


In the office, Bull talks to a cellular company President and the girls “go get coffee.”  Kyle was very thorough, but he left fingerprints and DNA on Marisa’s tequila. Bull calls them back into his office. He needs each of them to get a signature from a CEO and meet him at the courthouse.

On his way out of the building, the nanny comes in and quits.  She reminds him to pick Charlie up from school and he now has two places to be. He tries to go to court but gets stuck in traffic. He starts to run but then realizes what time it is and tries to get to the school.

The dad picked up Charlie. She was scared and called him. They’re all ok now and want to tell the judge that.

The girls talk at the courthouse. Danny’s friend in NYPD got a match on his prints. His name is Robert Allen and he has a wife, three kids, and a rap sheet. The wife claims not to have seen him in years, but lives in a big house and the kids go to private school. Danny traced the passport Marisa got him to the British Virgin Islands. Marisa gets the idea to catch him as he’s coming home. He has kids and there can’t be that many flights from the British Virgin Islands. She leaves to take care of it.


When Bull and the duo get to the courthouse, the cellular CEO is angry with Bull. Bull tells Charlie and her dad to go on in; he’ll be right behind them. He doesn’t have time to do both and gets fired/quits. He does give the guy the envelopes. He apologizes to everyone, and they hug.

Kyle is at the airport. He sees his name on one of the driver’s signs. It’s Marisa, and she’s brought the FBI. This all goes down to the tune of “Holly Jolly Christmas,” and it’s soooo satisfying.

Charlie and her dad are tracking Santa when someone comes up in the elevator. Charlie hides, but it’s Santa. She knows that it’s Bull, but she doesn’t want him to tell her dad. I just about died of cute. It even begins to snow.

Bull  210.jpg

Now I wasn’t sure how this episode was going to turn out, but it was great on several fronts. It didn’t take a whole season to track down Kyle, Bull apologized to the team for being kind of a jerk lately, and Charlie got her daddy back. Merry Christmas! 9/10.