#Bull Season 2 Episode 12 "Grey Areas"

The episode starts in a therapist’s office. A 30-year-old white male named Lex is unemployed, and he wants to kill the people who fired him. His name should have been a red flag, but he’s not bald, and this is not a comic book universe, so the therapist wants to talk it out. He says that Lex is in a bad place right now mentally and killing people isn’t the answer. But he lets him leave, and he does so, to creepy music and the face of a killer.  Which is what he is when he goes into where the partners are having a meeting, shoots both of them, and then shoots himself.


The therapist, as it turns out, is an old friend of Bull's. His name is Donovan Benanti, and they used to work together. The business is called Harper Milton Capital, and the widows are suing him for malpractice. Benanti ran a risk assessment on him. He was depressed, had an intermittent explosive disorder, and had a little PTSD, but Benanti didn’t find him to be specifically violent.


And that is what is required for him to be convicted. In order to release privileged information, there must be a specific and imminent threat, and that requires three things. These are an identified victim, a specific plan, and means, aka a weapon. All three are required to break doctor-patient confidentiality.


After explaining that, Marisa gets into the nitty-gritty. The women’s’ names are Annabelle Harper and Cheryl Milton. They’re obviously going to draw a lot of sympathy from the jury, so the obvious answer would be to make a deal, but this time it won’t work. If Dr. Benanti appears in any way liable for this, he will lose his reputation and his clients.

Benny has another idea. He wants a summary judgment. The other lawyer shows a video of Lex at a gun range two days before the murders. This is enough for the judge to deny Benny’s motion.


Benny talks to Bull. The gun, which is in evidence, is unregistered and the serial number has been scratched off. Bull decides that they need to know what happened in between. If something else set him off, they can prove it wasn’t Dr. Benanti. He comes in and meets Benny, and then Bull asks Benny to leave.

He then asks Dr. Benanti if he knew about the gun range. He did. He encouraged it. He said it was a controlled way to get out Lex’s anger and that it was working. I thought this was stupid. My mom thought it was ominous. You do not direct an incredibly disturbed individual to use guns as a coping mechanism! I can understand fencing or kickboxing, but not guns!


On the court steps, Bull talks about narrative. They need jurors who are analytical, who can separate their sympathy for the widows from what is and isn’t in a therapist’s job description.


Danny comes into Bull’s office and shows him something odd. Lex was referred to Dr. Benanti by an A. Harper, possibly one of the widows who is currently suing him.

Bull hypothetically asks Dr. Benanti about, and he’s appropriately vague.

They put Annabelle on the stand and ask her. Her husband wanted to fire Lex, but she suggested he send him to Dr. Benanti instead, a decision she regrets. Dr. Benanti was also her therapist, and she found him to be a good doctor, even thorough. Bull notices, as do we all, that something’s going on there.

Bull asks Dr. Benanti about it in the bathroom. Dr. Benanti says that he admired her but broke no ethical rules. She didn’t know he had feelings for her and he only called occasionally.

200w_d (31).gif

Chunk comes into Bull’s office, and it’s obvious he hasn’t left for some time. He says that the mock trial is done, and Benanti nailed it. The jury found him to be trustworthy. Something’s bothering Bull, but he can’t put his finger on what it is.


He asks Danny and Cable about the gun. Cable assumed that he got the gun online but can’t find any online record of the sale. The name of the gun, a Beretta Tomcat, catches Bull off guard and he leaves.

He shows up to Dr. Benanti’s house and tells him a story. Bull used to have a Beretta Tomcat when they worked together and remembers that Dr. Benanti also got one. He asks to see it. He doesn’t have it because he gave it to Lex. He was in love with Annabelle and knew she thought of him too, but would never leave her husband. Then Lex says he wants to kill the people who fired him, so all Dr. Benanti had to do was give the gun and ask nicely. Serious Moriarty moment. Wow.

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Bull is appalled, but Dr. Benanti reminds him that he can’t say anything, to anyone. The attorney-client privilege protects the whole conversation. Bull spits on him and leaves.

Bull comes to court and tells Dr. Benanti that he can’t quit just because Dr. Benanti is guilty. He didn’t say it to anyone, not even Benny.


Benny cross examines him, and the jurors like him. They even find him not liable.


Bull is about to lose it and goes to Annabelle’s apartment. He asks her why she sued him if she was in on it. She wasn’t. He vows to make things right. After all, Dr. Benanti fooled him too.

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The team minus Benny is gathered at TAC. Bull explains the situation. Annabelle has called and asked him to dinner. Bull is going to be in an earpiece telling her what to say so that he’ll confess. Marisa and Cable will be with him, and Danny and Cable will be onsite. They’re going to be on a “date” and interfere if anything goes wrong.

She gets there, takes off her wedding ring, and has a recorder. She plays him like a fiddle, and he confesses. She can’t hold it together after that and Danny and Chunk intervene. Danny spills wine on her and takes her to the restroom. Chunk offers to pay for their food.

Bull visits him in prison and gloats. Benanti says that he’s going to prove that Bull set him up. Bull doesn’t care. There is no scenario where Benanti comes out on top. Bull tosses him some chips and leaves.

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Wow. I loved this episode so much. I’ve been wondering what would happen if one of Bull’s clients was guilty without any loopholes, like bad guilty. I was not disappointed. 10/10.