#Bull Season 2 Episode 14 "Keep Your Friends Close" Recap and Review

The episode starts at Air Traffic Control. All is normal until one guy’s computer ‘winks’ at him, and there are a lot of beeping noises. He loses control of his computer, and so does several others. The boss tells them to reroute all plans to JFK and calls the FAA. Two planes almost collide but don’t, and control is restored to the computers.

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A woman wakes her boyfriend up to tell him that she’s pregnant. Then the FBI bursts in.

Marisa is on a bench talking to a guy. His name is Morgan Flanagan, and he is the assistant U.S. attorney. He tells her about the Air Traffic Control case. The airports will be opening tomorrow, and they caught the guy, Malcolm Swift, but they need help making sure it sticks. He wants her help because she used to work for Homeland Security. He needs Dr. Bull, but he trusts Marisa.

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Chunk is fighting with the toaster when Benny summons everyone to a meeting. They all have to deposit their phones before going in.

Bull tells them that he’s taken the case. If they are involved, they will be vetted by the FBI. Then he hands it over to Marisa.  Marisa explains that they will be going completely analog on this one. Phones will not be used in the building. They cannot communicate with anyone about the case in any way.


Cable talks to her mom as she exits the building. She gets stopped by the girl from earlier, who was her college roommate.

The team talks about Swift with Flanagan. He is a system security analyst, which means he tests systems to find their weaknesses. He is the best, but he has no apparent motive. Cable stares at his picture and Bull, Benny, Marisa, and Flanagan move to another room. Flanagan tells him that Swift was born in the Soviet Union. His father defected to the United States and worked with the CIA for a little while, but it wasn’t a good fit. He hung himself when his son was 10. While it’s a sad story, it isn’t motive.


 He also has an alibi. He was working at the time and not near a computer. He claims that someone is framing him. Cable agrees but says she would have to see the server to make sure. Flanagan agrees to work on it.

Cable tells Bull about being approached by her old roommate, Sarah. She found out that Sarah was dating Swift and she shut the conversation down. Bull tells her that it’s ok, but she can’t have any future contact with her. He’ll bring Flanagan up to speed.


Cable receives a lot of texts as she exits the building and deletes them. She declines a phone call. She tries to ignore Sarah in person, but she tells Cable that she’s pregnant. They talk. Sarah gives her a flash drive, telling her that it’ll prove that Swift didn’t do it. Cybersignatures are impossible to duplicate. Cable says to give it to Swift’s lawyer. Sarah’s tried, but they don’t understand. Cable takes it.

Benny, Bull, and Morgan talk about their witnesses and that they still don’t have a motive. Bull then explains the jurors that they want to avoid. They don’t wish to contrarians because they’re a reactant.


Cable meets Bull, Benny, and Flanagan at the courthouse. She tells them about a presentation she worked on with one of the witnesses and asks about access to the server. Flanagan has arranged it for the next day at 3 pm.


The witness mentioned above is on the stand, Dr. Tatloch. He explains the process behind the hack, what a cyber signature is, and why Swift’s alibi is irrelevant. He didn’t have to be in the room when it happened. To prove it, he makes everyone’s phones go off. He set up that hack the night before.


Cable is at the FBI. They search her purse, take her phone, and check her computer for malware. She’ll need to wear latex gloves and will have 45 minutes. At first, it looks like Sarah was right, but upon further inspection, Swift did it. And then things go wrong.


She explains this to Bull when he gets to the office. The flash drive infected the server with a virus. All of the evidence is gone. She was set up. She apologizes, but Bull doesn’t know what to say.

He talks to Danny and asks for a favor.


She asks the ex- boyfriend we saw earlier in the season.

Cable is looking at Bull’s office, where Bull, Benny, and Marisa are talking. She gets a note from Chunk that everything is going to be fine. Then the FBI bursts in and arrests her. Benny and Danny leave with her. Danny’s old boyfriend did not come through.

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The judge declares a mistrial with prejudice. This means that Swift can never be tried for this crime again.

Bull and Benny talk to Cable. She’s probably going to get five years, Flanagan is going to lose his job, and Sarah has disappeared. We’ve all had bad roommates, but this is next level. Cable does tell them about something weird she saw in the code: Janet.


Janet is a secret government airline that is used to transport government personnel. Air Traffic Control is one of the only places to know where any of the flights go.

Bull tells Cable this. The Air Traffic Control hack was a diversion. He just wanted to sell the Janet information. She tells him about the flash drive she still has.

Bull meets Flanagan and tells him that he wants Cable in exchange for the information.


Swift goes to jail for attempting to sell government intel, and Cable gets out of jail. Bull fires her in the car, after which she leaves. Bull doesn’t follow her.

As much as I hate to say it, firing Cable makes sense. She’s unpredictable and easily manipulated. She put everyone at risk. Bull even warned her. 8/10.