#Bull Season 2 Episode 15 "Witness for the Prosecution" Recap and Review

The episode starts in a police car under an elevator train. One cop is on the phone and tells his partner to get food.

The scene shifts to an old lady talking to herself and cackling. She goes up to the cop and drops the act. They’ve been working together for years. She pays him drug money, but now he wants out. She shoots him in the head and drops his phone in a sewer grate. Now he’s out.

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Bull is woken up by a woman from the District Attorney’s office, Ramsden. She wants him to come with her in a police car to question the shooter of a police officer. She’ll explain more in the car.

In the car, she explains that Hazel Diaz is a Brooklyn crime boss. She has been for the past 30 years. They’ve arrested her seven other times, but she’s never been convicted because of her mental illness act. She wants Bull to get to the precinct before Diaz’s lawyer does and conduct an assessment.

He does. She doesn’t answer any of his questions and rambles on and on about three blind mice until her lawyer gets there. Then she shuts right up. Bull questions how he knew to come. Neither of them answer.

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Bull tells Ramsden that Diaz is conflating symptoms of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, which means that she’s faking. The problem is that someone who hasn’t studied human behavior might miss that. Also, the lawyer knows that he knows. Ramsden asks him to testify. He accepts while flirting with her.

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Bull testifies to all of this, except of course the flirting. On the basis of his expert opinion, the judge declares Diaz competent enough to stand trial. It will start on Wednesday.

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Freddy and Chunk talk about Cable. Benny hasn’t spoken to her because he doesn’t know what to say. Chunk has tried, but she hasn’t returned any of his voicemails. Marisa says that Cable has returned her voicemails either and that she has started conducting interviews for her replacement. Danny hopes that they fail because she misses her friend.

Bull and Ramsden are eating breakfast. She tells him about the case while he continues to flirt with her. Diaz is going with the insanity plea, and Ramsden wants Bull to be her forensic psychologist.

He talks to the team about this. Technically Ramsden is only hiring him, but he’ll need all of their help. There are two ways to do this: get her to crack under assessment or find out why the cop was killed.

While detailing what he needs each of them to do, Danny starts an argument about Cable. Nobody says her name, but they all pick sides. Bull won’t budge, Benny’s on his side, Marisa doesn’t say anything, and Danny and Chunk want her back.


The next morning, Marisa talks to Bull. Diaz was raised by her aunt because her mother was in a mental hospital for schizophrenia. Bull doesn’t change his stance.

Bull and Chunk talk in the car. Chunk gives him 12 hours worth of memory cards.

It takes Bull almost the entire time to get her to crack. She contradicts herself by saying that she heard voices during her psychotic break when she had been saying for the past 7 hours that she couldn’t remember anything. She also gets mad at Bull, which shouldn’t be possible on the medication she’s supposed to be taking.

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Cable is at a job interview. It’s going reasonably well, but they haven’t been able to get in contact with TAC, and they do a security clearance history check, which we all know won’t go well.


Bull doesn’t think the video is enough. He needs to know why she killed him.

Danny shows his motive, after sufficiently freaking him out. He had 600,000 dollars in his bank account. He was getting paid off.

Bull talks to the cop’s partner outside the courthouse. The partner says that the man was investigating Diaz. Bull asks him about the payoffs. He says that the reason his partner is dead because he quit paying her off, but he won’t tell the jury that.

Bull is on the stand again. He explains the video and how Diaz did not inherit schizophrenia from her mother.

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The partner is on the stand. He tells the truth, despite his earlier statements to Bull. Hazel starts screaming and injuring herself. Bull suggests that they give her a sedative. If she’s sick, it will calm her down. If she’s not, it will give her seizures. Diaz says that she’s okay.

The lawyer approaches Bull and Ramsden with a plea deal: 20 years in a mental institution in exchange for information on the top three drug cartels. Bull tells Ramsden not to accept.

The jury finds Diaz guilty.

Bull and Ramsden talk. He asks her out, and she agrees.

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Apart from some inconsistency with numbers, this episode was relatively straightforward. 8/10.