#Bull Season 2 Episode 16 "Absolution" Recap and Review

The episode starts with another one of Bull’s voiceovers. This one, weirdly enough, mentions bite marks.

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There is a flashback to nine years earlier. Three guys are drinking at a bar celebrating one guy’s promotion. Another guy gives them drugs he got from his dentist. After they take them, one of the guys sees a girl, who he goes over to talk to. All four of them leave the bar together, but the two of them go in a different direction. She says that she has to go, but she does leave him her number. He kisses her and then they leave in different directions.

He’s approached by NYPD the next day. The woman’s name is Ashley Richardson, and she’s dead. The detectives saw them on the security tape and think he was the last person to see her alive. He was drunk and high, so they mention that he might’ve blacked out. He says he wants a lawyer. One of the detectives discourages that because it would make him look guilty. After hours of interrogation, the other detective tells Derrick that Ashley identified him as her attacker before she died.

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In the present, Bull is telling the team that bite mark evidence is losing its cool factor. This brings them to the man, Derrick Graham’s, case. It was one of Bull’s first, which he lost. There were essentially three pillars of the case. The detectives lied to Derrick and coerced his confession, his DNA was found on the victim who he admits having kissed, and bitemark evidence.

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Bull visits Derrick in prison and tells him he wants to retry his case. He doesn’t care. Nobody’s visited him, because they grew tired of asking and being rejected, and he has nothing to live for.


Chunk is calling his daughter. They haven’t spoken since Thanksgiving even though she’s coming to visit him in two weeks. He then goes to sleep, and we get the weirdest scene.

He’s singing in a dream sequence of her ignoring him. I know Christopher Jackson can sing, but this was bizarre.


He wakes up because of his phone rings, but it’s just a scam call.

Danny and Benny are looking through the evidence. She had a scarf that was tested for DNA, and they’re going to test it to see if they find anything new.

Chunk talks to the boss. One of Derrick’s friends was indicted for insider trading, and the other one is now a bigwig at the company.

Bull talks to this bigwig, whose name is Josh.

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Chunk is dressing Derrick for Court, and they talk. Derrick’s family has no idea what’s happening.

The judge will grant a new trial but denies Benny’s motion to suppress Derrick’s prior conviction. The other lawyer tells them not to celebrate too much; they have a new witness. It’s Derrick’s former cellmate. Bull explains that they probably bribed him with reduced prison time so that he would say anything they wanted, not that it’s on tape or anything.


Chunk is staring at his phone when Bull walks in. He’s slept in the office again and needs clean clothes. Danny comes in and tells them that the DNA test found something new, but the DNA isn’t in the system. Bull wants them to keep looking at alternate subjects, but Danny reminds him that they are still short staffed. Chunk hasn’t found any new leads with the records, but Bull isn’t surprised. The police never had alternative suspects, just Derrick.

The jury might be a problem. 80% of potential jurors remember Derrick’s old case and already think he’s guilty. Bull says that they need jurors that understand that just because you believe something doesn’t make it true.


The first witness is Josh and he screws up by making it look like he thinks Derrick is guilty.

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Benny brings Bull food and they talk, first about Josh’s disaster, then about the next witness, the detective. Bull isn’t sure he can win.

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Benny on the other hand, he brings it. He does so well in fact, that the other lawyer offers up a deal. Guilty plea for time served. Derrick doesn’t take it.


Bull is up to something and Marisa and Danny don’t know what it is. Marisa has Josh in the office eating and Danny discovered that Josh used a metro card the night of the murder. Bull has a hunch that Josh did it.


He gets Josh to admit it by bluffing his way out of a paper bag. Lucky for him, Josh did actually do it. It was his DNA on Ashley’s scarf and he confessed to the DA.


The other lawyer moves to dismiss the charges. This isn’t enough for Benny. He wants a verdict of not guilty, which he gets. Chunk even found Derrick’s sister.

He has a voicemail from his daughter. Even though she is mad, she has some of the same fears as he does. The episode ends with one word of the song from the dream sequence.

As I said, weird. 7.5/10