#Bull Season 2 Episode 18 "Bad Medicine" Recap and Review

The episode starts with a woman in a car with her child. She’s buying marijuana in vials and gets caught while fixing a flat tire.


Benny’s in church. He sees his mom’s old friend on the way out. She needs him.


He talks to Bull. It’s legal in New York with a prescription, but you have to be a resident. She lived in Virginia and was arrested there. She’s the daughter of Benny’s mom’s friend. Bull agrees to come with him to the jail.


She’s a doctor, Dr. Laura Allen, but she’s far more senseless and idiotic than she looks. She’s a drug dealer: she sells to her patients, and she had 1800 vials in her possession. We find this out when Assistant United States Attorney Banner tells them all that this is a federal case.

Bull, Marisa, and Benny. There’s no questioning that she did it. They can only twist it to make it sound better. Bull says that they need jurors with deontological ethics, another big word he uses so that you’ll think he’s right. It’s essentially duty-based ethics. He thinks that people in service jobs will think it was her professional duty to become a drug dealer.

After picking the jury, Banner and Bull's trash talk each other.


He meets Dr. Allen’s mom and son, Nicholas. He has leukemia, and she’s also been treating him with marijuana oil.

Banner puts a Doctor of Pharmacology on the stand who says that CBD oil, the marijuana oil, has no medical benefit whatsoever. Banner knows about Nicholas and asks the doctor how he would classify a doctor who treated a minor in this way. The words he uses are reckless, unsound, unsafe, dangerous, and maybe even criminal. Benny objects that part, and it’s sustained.


Bull takes out his earpiece and puts Dr. Allen on mock trial. Nicholas has had leukemia for two years, and his chemotherapy was so bad it made him suicidal. She stopped it but needed a solution. Bull asks the obvious question, why not move to New York? She says that she didn’t want to abandon her patients. YOUR PATIENTS ARE ALL ADULTS AND CAPABLE OF MAKING THEIR OWN DECISIONS TO MOVE WHEREVER THEY WANT. YOUR SON IS SUICIDAL, AND YOUR MOM LIVES IN NEW YORK, BUT INSTEAD OF MOVING, YOU DECIDE TO STAY WHERE THE TREATMENT YOU ARE USING IS ILLEGAL AND THEN ARE SURPRISED WHEN YOU GET CAUGHT? YOU ARE A MORON!!!! Of course, neither Bull, Benny, nor Chunk says this. They’re speechless in awe because this episode is a pandering mess.

Bull and Dr. Allen talk in the car. She wants him to come in and talk with her family because she doesn’t trust him to be a professional, even after how much he’s doing for her. While there, Child Services shows up to take Nicholas away. She refuses to move, but Bull diffuses the situation. They’ll drive Nicholas to the hospital, and the Child Services people can follow them.


After a while, Bull tries to get her to go home and get some sleep. It doesn’t work, and he leaves.

She doesn’t show up for court the next morning. Nobody knows why until she calls Bull. Nicholas is missing from the hospital and she’s looking for him. YOU IDIOT! OTHER PEOPLE CAN LOOK FOR YOUR SON. THE LAW DOES APPLY TO YOU AND YOU CAN BE PUT IN JAIL FOR NOT SHOWING UP IN COURT! When Bull tells the judge, he puts out a warrant for her arrest.


He was in a park by the courthouse. He was looking for his mom, but then he got tired. On the bright side, the doctor completely approves of her treatment and is willing to testify.

On the logical side, the judge revokes her bail.

Bull has missions for the team. Chunk will prep the doctor. Danny will round up Dr. Allen’s patients so that they can parade into the courtroom in an emotional scene. Cable will look for an in with the jurors.

The Doctor is on the stand. Morphine killed his mom when he was in college, but he doesn’t think that’s a bad thing. He prescribes CBD oil to his patients and thinks Dr. Allen is brave. Then 13 of her patients walk in. Banner gets a recess.


Bull finds her in a bar and tries to get a deal. It doesn’t work.

Bull talks to Benny and Marisa. Their closing argument is that the jury’s feelings matter more than the law. Bull is far too smart to let his heart bleed out like this.

It works though. The jury finds her not guilty, and Bull efficiently kills the logic that facts don’t care about your feelings.


Remember what I said about consequences in the teacher episode? 5.5/10