#Bull Season 2 Episode 19 "A Redemption" Recap and Review

The episode starts a flashback to 18 years ago. Two brothers are in a car together. One robs a check cashing place, but the other doesn’t realize it. He drives them both away.

In the present, a dad is talking to his daughter about expiration dates when the doorbell rings. It’s the police. They are looking for a George Brown in a murder case. The man says that his name is Jim Grayson, but the cops want him to come with them anyway.


Bull and Benny are in court when the judge hijacks Benny to be the man’s lawyer for his arraignment. They talk to the wife. She says that they have three kids and own a restaurant. He isn’t a flight risk.


The man gives his name to the court as George Brown, which visibly upsets his wife, and pleads not guilty. The prosecution says that his brother, who is in prison, told him to take the money and run. He did that, and it makes him a flight risk.  They wouldn’t have found him except for some prints that flagged a few days before. The judge denies bail.


The wife wants Benny to be Brown’s permanent lawyer. Bull is skeptical, considering that they haven’t done him any good so far, but agrees to hear his side of the story.

Brown tells Benny and Bull what happened, and Bull asks the obvious questions. If you aren’t guilty, then why did you run? Brown says that his brother’s lawyer told his brother that the prosecution was planning to charge both of them in a joint venture. This would mean that both of them would be charged with murder. He bought the identity of a dead person from a guy he met at a bus station. When he went to renew his liquor license, he gave his prints, and that’s how the police found him.

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Bull and Benny talk to the wife. Bull is taking the case because he believes Brown.

Prosecutor comes to TAC. Bull wants him to dismiss the case. It doesn’t happen.

Bull talks to the team. They need jurors with generativity, which is a fancy word for optimism. He uses Marisa as an example. He wants the jury to see a redemption story.

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Chunk got a D on his paper, probably from the jerk teacher we saw earlier in the season. The wife comes in, and he preps her, kind of. They aren’t going to put her on the stand, but the jury will be watching her anyway and always. She tells Chunk that she went to the jail to get answers and he didn’t lie about the things that matter. One example she uses is her kids’ names: Malone, Ella, and Richard. Malone was named after a baseball character. Chunk tells her to hold onto that feeling.

It doesn’t last long. Brown’s parents’ names were Malone and Ella, so he lied. Again. For no apparent reason. The wife leaves the courtroom.

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Chunk goes to see her at her house and makes a case for him.

She comes into the courtroom while one of the police officers is on the stand. According to him, the accused’s prints were on the gun. Benny does get him to point out that that doesn’t mean that he fired the gun and didn’t prove when he touched the gun that belonged to the brother he lived with.

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Bull and Benny go to visit Rick Brown, and he’s the drama teacher from Community. He says that the gun wasn’t loaded. He wasn’t planning to kill anyone. The cashier was his friend, and they planned it together. His death was from choking on his vomit. They want him on the stand.

The judge wants a meeting in his chambers. The prosecution has a surprise witness that alleges that Brown committed credit card theft. Bull doesn’t think it’s relevant, but the judge does. He will call a recess though.


Bull talks to Benny and Marisa. Danny comes in and lightens the mood. She found something in the security footage. She has the exact moment that Rick finds out that his friend is dead.

Cable also has news. Brown wasn’t in the same state when the fraud was committed. The identity was sold to another person, who is now in prison.

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Benny shares this with the court while the surprise witness is on the stand.

Danny and Bull talk. She found something else. The cashier put up his hands before Rick drew his gun. That’s proof that he knew what was going down. She gives him call logs between them at the courtroom, and Bull tells her to go home and go to sleep.

Rick is on the stand. He and the video do well enough that the prosecutor wants a recess.

Bull and the prosecutor talk, and then he parrots Bull’s exact words to the judge as he calls for dismissal.

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Brown talks to his wife and asks her to marry him again.


Technically he didn’t do anything wrong, but is there any legal penalty for running from the law for 18 years? 7.5/10