#Bull Season 2 episode 2 "Already Gone" Recap and Review

Here we go...


The episode starts with a guy in front of a hospital. He rips open a package, which turns out to be scrubs, and goes to the oncology wing of a hospital to see a girl, Emily, who is his girlfriend.

The scene shifts to a motel, where they’ve just had sex. They talk and eventually he says that they should get back to the hospital. She tells him that she’s having an operation the next day and she’s scared. Then she takes out a drug and a needle. He wants to call someone, but she asks him not to. She can’t kill herself, so she asks him to. He does and then he calls 911 and tells them that he killed her.

Bull and Benny are on their way to the courthouse and Bull is ranting about paperwork. While they’re in the courthouse, Adam comes up with his lawyer, who isn’t very good. The other lawyer states the fact and Bull intervenes so he can post bail. He then goes to the house and talks to the parents, and then he tries to talk to Adam, the guy. Adam won’t talk to Bull until he starts talking about Emily.  When he does start to talk, a news van pulls up. Adam goes to talk to them because he doesn't have a lawyer. In order to keep Adam from talking to them, Bull says that he’s Adam’s lawyer.


At TAC, the team watches a video Emily posted before her death, which acted as her suicide note. Bull gives the rundown on the families. Emily’s dad was a vet and her mom stayed home to take care of her and never gave up hope. Bull starts talking about the jury and Benny objects. Adam killed her. He and Bull argue about intent.


Later Benny comes to Bull’s office and says he can’t take the case because he’s Catholic. Bull is a horrible jerk and Marisa, who walked in the middle of this, tries to help but gets sidetracked when she finds out they aren’t getting paid.

Cable calls Danny. She found a cancer forum and Emily talked a lot with a rileyg03. Danny tells her to find a real name and hangs up. She calls a “Harrison” and cancels plans.

Bull decides that the jury needs to be filled with the “cognitively agile” which is lawyer speak for people that don’t believe in absolutes, right or wrong, or rules. He doesn’t appear to find any anarchists or nihilists, which is surprising, but I digress.

Outside of the courtroom, Adam tries to talk with Emily’s parents and the mom screams at him and accuses him of being a drug user.

Sophomore year of high school, he was on painkillers and he liked it. He told his dad and they got flushed down the toilet. The only other person he told was Emily, who told her parents, and that will come back to bite him. Bull vows not to put him on the stand.


Bull goes from talking to him to talking to Marisa and he’s worried. He tells a story about his grandfather and how he always used to say “there’s a good man in there. Gotta keep you alive until you’re 26.” It reminds him of Adam.

Cable gives Bull the results of the deep dive he asked for on Emily’s parents. The dad was communicating with another woman, but she doesn’t yet know why.

Danny pulls up to a house and still talking to “Harrison.” She hangs up and we find out that rileyg03’s name is Ava and this is her house. Emily and Adam had come to visit them beforehand, but Ava’s had an operation and is nonresponsive in a wheelchair. She has been for 5 months.

Emily’s surgeon is put on the stand. The surgery would have extended her life by at least 6 months. After that, all the information is inference and conjecture from both sides.

Cable finds out that the woman the dad was communicating with was an “end of life therapist” that he was taking Emily too and hadn’t told his wife. This convinces Bull to put Adam on the stand.

He talks about their visit to Ava after Emily had just gotten sick. Emily was upset and she didn’t say a word until she wanted to leave the hospital.

Adam’s testimony didn’t change any of the jury’s minds, but Bull hopes it changed the dad’s, who he calls to the stand next. He didn’t give her the drug, but he noticed it was missing and didn’t do anything about it. Depending on how old she was, I would consider letting your children steal your drugs child abuse.Anyway, Benny’s closing argument is it was all on her and then repeats something completely wretched Bull had said earlier. The jury finds Adam not guilty. Bull can't lose, even when he's wrong.


Danny is at an apartment. She says she FBI. When there is no response, she lets herself in and we see several news articles. After a while, a man comes out with a prosthetic leg. This is Harrison and they salsa dance in his kitchen.

They said Bull was going to train wreck, but they said it would be by episode 5. Yikes. My advice? Delete this one off the DVR and hope next week is better. 5/10