#Bull Season 2 Episode 20 "Justified" Recap and Review

Full disclosure, I’m going to describe this beginning sequence in broad strokes. I’m going to do that because I couldn’t physically watch all of it. Consider this your trigger warning.

A woman is in the shower, and she has a lot of bruises. She’s packing a suitcase, and she finds a gun. Her car is 17 minutes away. Then a man walks in. He finds the suitcase, opens it, and throws it. He begins to verbally and physically abuse her. He even rapes her. After he’s asleep, she gets the gun, and she shoots him. Then she goes back to sleep.


Bull is agitated and looking for Benny. His sister/Bull’s ex-wife called him three times last night. Benny doesn’t know why.

Marisa tells him that Dr. Grint is in his office. She asks for Bull’s help with the woman in question, Kate. She wants Bull to help the public defender that has been assigned to Kate’s case.

He meets the lawyer and sees the prosecuting ADA. They want to do the arraignment in the hospital. He asks for a few moments alone with the victim.

She’s still sedated. Bull and Dr. Grint talk in the room. Kate was married for four years, and her husband was smart enough to cover his tracks. They also mention a “her.” Then a doctor comes in and says that the baby’s fine. Like this episode needed another punch in the gut.


Bull talks to the lawyer, who as it turns out, is awful. Bull tells him that his sister was killed by her husband and fires the lawyer, who has already given up on Kate. He calls Benny and tells him.


Marisa gives the team, minus Bull and Chunk, the spiel. Kate was abused for at least three years and they need evidence of it. Danny wants to know if the only reason that Bull is taking this case is because of his sister. Cable doesn’t know what she’s talking about. No one tells her.

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Chunk’s jerk professor failed him.

Benny and Bull talk to Dr. Grint. Kate ran once before. He found her and promised to be better. He was, until they got into their apartment. Then he broke her collarbone. Extremely painful.

They’ll need jurors with good survival instincts. No rule bound people.

Bull talks to Kate and then to the ADA, who thinks Kate was also an abuser.

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She puts a police officer on the stand, who says that her husband talked about filing a restraining order against her. He never did, and Benny points out that abusers often follow this course of action as a preemptive strike. It covers their butts if they ever get accused.

Kate specifies to Benny and Bull that she never hit her husband and that she never cheated on him, though she knows he cheated on her repeatedly and continually.


Benny wants more information. I know they didn’t see what we saw, but this was extremely disappointing. You’ll support a drug dealer, but not an abused pregnant woman? You’re better than this, Benny.

The team has found ample evidence of adultery, but no physical abuse. They know that the prosecution is going to put his sister on the stand, who most likely didn’t know. Chunk wants to educate her and the jury at the same time, but for that they need evidence.

Bull and Marisa talk. He’s not ok, but she won’t let him wallow.

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The sister has never been to their apartment, never even invited. They visited her. They never went on vacation together. He claimed it was because he was too busy. Benny has evidence it was because he didn’t want anyone to see the signs of abuse. He has her medical records, which Kate gave him. She registered as Jane Doe. The sister has never met Kate’s family and has never been alone with her.

Danny and Cable may have found an ex that can corroborate Kate’s story.

Bull and Benny need to put Kate on the stand. It’s risky, but it’s their only shot.

Not only has she never cheated on her husband, but he’s also the only man that she’s ever been with. She also talks about the time she left. This time she left because of the baby.


Danny and Cable found an ex that will testify.

He didn’t abuse her, but she overheard him abusing Kate. She withdrew from school after that and never saw him again.

The deliberation takes nine days, which understandably makes Bull nervous. He doesn’t let Kate know, and he promises to appeal the crap out of this case if he has to.

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There’s no need. The verdict is not guilty. Kate even hugs the sister.

There is a shelter being named after Bull’s sister.


Was this well written? Yes. Well acted? Yes. Did I feel like I was going to be sick while watching it? Yes. Will I ever watch this episode again? Never. 7/10.