#Bull Season 2 Episode 21 "Reckless" Recap and Review

The episode starts at a crime scene. A man raped a woman, tied up her and her husband, burned the house down, and stole their car.

The police find the car. The guy in it, Elliot Miles, is mute.

Benny is with the girl from the airport! I’m so happy!!! She leaves him to talk to Bull. Benny tells him that Isabella is getting remarried. That’s why she’s been calling him so much. Bull tells Benny to be with his girlfriend.

Marisa is woken up by a phone call from Bull.

Bull is throwing up in jail. Miles gives him a handkerchief. Bull gives Miles his card and says that he should call if he needs anything. He finds out from the police officer that Miles is mute.


Bull and Marisa talk after she bails him out. She’s worried about him. He tells her about Isabella. She thinks it’s more than that and gets out after giving him a good talking to. That’s when he sees Miles’s face in the paper.

Bull goes back to see him. Miles “says” that he didn’t do by shaking his head.


Marisa gives the spiel to the less than enthused team. Miles works in construction and claims to have bought the car two days after the crimes at a bus stop. The description of the guy he bought it from is extremely general. He also has a shaky alibi. His girlfriend says that he got home a little after 8 and the crime was committed about 7:30. He could’ve theoretically made it, but that’s pushing it a bit. Bull wants Chunk to prep her. The only one, besides Marisa, that seems ok with this case is Cable. Good for her.

After Marisa’s lecture, Bull comes into work looking fantastic. He slept a full eight hours in his apartment, got a new suit, and hasn’t had a drink in a full day. She apologizes and he stops her. He needed it.

He talks to the team. There are two differences in a death sentence case. One is that all of the jurors have to be death qualified, aka willing to sentence someone to death. I wasn’t aware of this before, but I like that rule. The trial is also potentially in two parts. One is the normal deciding if someone’s guilty part. The second is sentencing, which is decided by the same jury, not the judge. Bull semi-addresses their concerns and then goes into what kind of jurors they need. They need jurors that have reduced emotional reactivity, aka people that talk clinically about emotional moments. Restrained people, no cryers.

During jury selection, Bull is arguing with Marisa, and then goes so far as to talk over Benny to use their last strike.

Benny talks to Bull in the empty courtroom the next morning. Bull had an early morning meeting with the prosecutor early in the morning. He offered a deal to take the death penalty off the table. Bull didn’t tell anyone. Benny gets mad because he feels like him and Bull aren’t a team anymore. He didn’t want this case because he doesn’t want to have to live with the guilt if they lose.


Marisa is in therapy, which surprises me because she’s the most together person on the show.

Chunk talks to the girlfriend. She’s flaky and doesn’t appear to like Miles all that much. Chunk decides not to use her.

The dead couple’s neighbor is on the stand. She identifies Miles as the man that ran out of her neighbor’s house. Benny destroys her credibility and tries to get her suppressed. It doesn’t work, but Bull praises him and apologizes anyway.

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They tell Miles about the deal. He doesn’t take it, but his description of the bus guy gets worse. Now he has a limp.

Benny and Bull talk. Benny’s worried about him too.

Bull goes to see Isabella. He apologizes to her. She tells him that he isn’t any good alone.

The Construction Manager is on the stand. The prosecution tries to plant a story in his head, but Benny puts a stop to that.

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The prosecution calls the girlfriend to the stand. She changes her answer about when Miles got home and then admits that she has no idea. She was on bath salts at the time. Yikes! I’ve heard stories about that. She also says that the prosecutor offered her protection if she changed her story. Benny calls for a mistrial. He doesn’t get it.

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Miles and Bull say something to each other in sign language. Bull tells Chunk that Miles told him “you are not alone.” NCIS reference anyone? Bull needs a drink.


The problem with a two-part episode is that it’s incomplete. I can’t in good conscience rate it until I’ve seen both parts, so stay tuned.