#Bull Season 2 Episode 22 "Death Sentence" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Isabella in her wedding dress. Bull crashes and does a wonderful rendition of the “end of a romcom stopping a wedding scene,” and then he wakes up.

Marisa comes in with his suit, which he asked her for at 3:17 in the morning. He apologizes for sleeping in his office and drinking and needing a new suit. She tells him that he needs to get to the courthouse for the verdict.

It’s guilty, which isn’t surprising, given that this is a two-parter. Bull apologizes to Miles and Miles hugs Benny.

One week later, Marisa is in therapy talking about codependence. The camera is really shaky and I’m not sure if that’s intentional, because it only happens in her scenes.

Bull is looking for vacation spots when the prosecutor comes in. He first asks where everyone is, Bull gave them the day off, and then mentions something sent to the FBI. It’s the husband’s class ring and a note that says you’ve got the wrong guy.

The prosecutor wants to make a deal. Give him the accomplice who sent this, and he’ll take the death penalty off the table. Miles won’t take the deal because he doesn’t have a name to give.

Benny and Bull talk in the car. What if the ring was a souvenir?

Bull presents the theory that the murderer was a serial killer and a psychopath. Danny brings up a problem. Why did he steal the car? It’s a good point and Chunk adds to it. He’s confused. Are they mounting a defense for the penalty phase of a trial, or are they investigating a serial killer? Bull says both.

Bull goes to see Miles in prison and tells him that he needs to have remorse for something he didn’t do. Miles asks how they kill you. Last I heard, it was lethal injection. I thought everyone knew that.

Benny and Chunk are talking when Marisa comes in. She doesn’t have anything to do because their algorithm is not set up for penalty phase trials.

Danny goes to see the neighbor. She wears glasses and changes the testimony she made on the stand. The guy she saw was limping.

Danny tells Bull this. That’s why he needed to steal the car. It wasn’t part of the original plan.

Bull talks to Miles and preps him for what’s ahead.


Benny asks Chunk to prep a witness who doesn’t like trial science very much. How convenient would it be if it was the professor?

One of the victims’ kids is on the stand and she is talking about how horrible Miles is and that she’ll never get her parents back. Miles is crying.

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Cable found a receipt for cigarettes that was in the car. Neither of the victims smoked, nor does Miles. The receipt belongs to the killer and they might be able to get security footage. Also, Bull’s entire right arm is asleep.


Marisa is in therapy again, talking about Bull and her job.

Bull wants to change their strategy. He’s refusing to accept the verdict and wants the jury to doubt themselves.

The witness is of course Chunk’s professor. The conversation goes about as well as you might expect, but while on the stand, the professor does actually listen to Chunk. He says that the murderer was a psychopath and talks about the ring. He also says that Miles is not a psychopath. The prosecutor asks him about the car. The professor says that it must have been a necessity.

Bull is talking to the team and drinking. Cable got security footage, but it’s grainy. They go through next steps.

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Marisa is in the office alone with her voiceover, which is a letter to Bull. She adores him and loves her job, but they leave little room for herself. She’s quitting whenever he’ll let her. She puts the letter in his desk drawer.

The professor comes in looking for Chunk. He wants Chunk to lecture to his class about trial science.

Benny tries to call the neighbor to the stand. The judge not only says no but holds Benny in contempt and fines him $5000.

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Danny and Bull narrowed down the suspects to eight. Bull says that many psychopaths are internet trolls, which eliminates half of them. Psychopaths also thinks that they are better and more important than everyone. He narrows down the list to the two with the most selfies and then asks about criminal records. One has a juvi record. His name is Wayne Horton. He notices that Marisa is smiling at him, but she says it's nothing. He sends everyone home because nothing more can be done tonight. Marisa takes the letter out of his desk and rips it to shreds.


Bull goes to Wayne Norton’s house and talks to his wife. He thinks that she sent the ring to the FBI. She tells him to get lost. He leaves her his card.

Benny talks to Miles about what he’s going to “say”, through an interpreter, on the stand. He tells Miles to beg for mercy not tell them off, which is what Miles is planning to do. Miles asks where Bull is.

Bull comes in while Miles is on the stand and calls for a recess. Before the prosecutor can object, an FBI agent stops him. Bull explains to Benny that the FBI brought in Wayne Norton for questioning that morning, and after ten minutes of questioning, he confessed. The prosecutor wants to set aside the verdict. 


Bull needs some air and walks out of the courtroom. He sits down on the steps, loosens his tie while sweating, lies down and calls 911. He thinks that he’s having a heart attack.


Is Bull gonna die? No way. Is it an effective storytelling device? Yes. And Marisa is going to kill him when she finds out. See y’all next season! 8/10.