#Bull Season 2 Episode 4 "The Illusion of Control" Recap and Review

"The Illusion of Control"


The episode starts with cameras everywhere. Amaya Andrews is getting her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and her son is with her. Suddenly, a man jumps out of the crowd, claiming to be the boy’s father.


At TAC, Bull is primping and everyone else is star struck as Amaya, her son Alexander, and her lawyer walk in. While Marisa takes Alexander to get candy, Amaya tells Bull how she found him. She went to Ethiopia to disappear and found him in an orphanage when he was three. Apparently, sometimes parents will leave their kids in orphanages for medical care and come back and get him. Alexander’s mother had had malaria and the father, who the man definitely is, dropped him off there. The problem they’re having is that the orphanage’s paperwork is incomplete and that it doesn’t exist anymore.


Bull suggests that they don’t take the man to court because it isn’t a matter that should be splattered on tabloids. They should talk to the father and arrange a settlement. She agrees to do so, kisses him on the cheek, and leaves.

The camera stays on the elevators and then it’s nine weeks later. She’s back and her son is gone. The father never gave him back and because the U.S. does not have an extradition treaty with Ethiopia, she can’t get him back. She blames Bull and is going to sue him.


Cable is grocery shopping and she sees a paper that says Amaya’s going to sue Bull, several in fact.


Bull’s in a taxi, which is odd for him, but without it we wouldn’t get this scene. Amaya’s on a talk show and she’s talking how much of a crackpot Bull is. Seeing as it’s a taxi tv, Bull can’t turn it off. He goes into a deli to meet Ronald Getman, who is apparently an idol of his and asks for help.


Dany is in Ethiopia. She calls Harrison, who got her an appointment with the embassy.


Bull shows Getman around and Benny pulls Bull aside. He doesn’t like Getman. Bull says that he’s sorry that he didn’t put Benny on the case, but he needed an outsider, and Getman’s the best.

Getman tries out his opening argument and it’s good enough to impress everyone, even Benny. He asks where the mock jury is. Apparently, a mock jury is not helpful in celebrity cases. Bull then starts devising a strategy, which makes everyone uncomfortable. Getman tells him to sit on the sidelines for this. Bull is stubborn, but he’s also outnumbered.

Bull 204.jpg

Dany talks to the ambassador, who isn’t terribly helpful. The father hasn’t broken any Ethiopian laws, just American ones and they aren’t in America. The only thing he’s able to do is give Danny the father’s old address.


Marisa is being the boss, which is awesome. She tries to explain to Getman what kind of jurors they need, but he doesn’t get it. Benny chimes in with a texting and driving example and then it clicks. They need people that understand that sometimes stuff just happens.


During the jury selection process, Marisa and Bull disagree on a juror. Getman sides with Marisa and Bull interjects. The judge tells him he has no power and if he interrupts again, he’ll be in contempt of the court.

Dany meets a guy outside of the father’s apartment. He hasn’t been seen in a week and may have gone to the countryside. Dany breaks in with a bobby pin, which is harder than you may think and looks around. She finds a file, which she takes pictures of and sends to Harrison, and a picture, which she sends Cable.


Cable thinks the place is a mosque in Awash, a town a few hundred kilometers away.

Marisa gets a subpoena to be a witness. This leads to her, Bull, and Benny talking in Bull’s office, and eventually, leads to her leaving because she isn’t supposed to be there. She can’t help with the case anymore and this worries both Bull and Benny. Benny assures Bull that him and the “Big grey giant” have his back.

On the stand, we find out a lot about Marisa. First, she used to work for Homeland Security. Second, she sent Bull an email the night after Amaya visited the first time. It included some concerns: that Ethiopia wasn’t part of the Hague Treaty and that birth parents are extremely volatile. Amaya’s lawyer uses this to say that Bull did have notice, unlike the picture that Getman has been painting. Getman asks for a recess and the boys meet in the bathroom.


Marisa was in foster care and about to be adopted when her birthmother stopped it. She retained custody, which would have been all well and good, except that Marisa’s mother was a drug addict. Getman thinks this is a goldmine but Bull doesn’t want him to use it because he cares about Marisa more than he cares about winning.

Getman does it anyway, which moves Marisa to tears.


Bull tries to interrupt, but can’t and is held in contempt of court. I’m really proud of Bull here as he does all he can do, besides firing Getman, and gets put in jail for it.


Cable meets a girl at a coffee shop. She’s a translator and a friend of Harrison’s. Man, this guy knows everyone. Anyway, the father signed a relinquishment agreement, so he has no claim over his son. This can be tried in an Ethiopian court. They just have to find him.


Benny bails Bull out of jail and tells him that Marisa is mostly fine and that he has some good news. Getman delivered an astounding closing argument and the theory is that the jury is split.


They go back in and the jury rules in Bull’s favor. He thanks, Getman but doesn’t feel better about himself.

Dany finds Alexander with the father and a woman, who remains unidentified.

Bull, Getman, Amaya, and her lawyer meet in the deli. He tells her that they found her son and that the father is going to trial. And then he gives her some advice: bring him to the States and don’t charge him. For whatever reason, she agrees, even though she just sued him for giving bad advice. As my mother pointed out, this doesn’t make a lot of sense. He broke their agreement and ran off with the child, who he had already relinquished. We don’t have enough details to know how to feel about him.


After she agrees, Getman suggests that form a foundation. She does and specifically thanks, Bull. Benny says she’s a hypocrite, but everyone else likes her. This is three weeks after the trial.


This is becoming a pattern. Good episode, but something’s a bit off. Why is Marisa suddenly ok and why don’t we have a scene of her and Bull talking about the witness stand? Why did the father sign the relinquishment agreement? And etc.  7.5/10