#Bull Season 2 Episode 5 "Play the Hand You're Dealt" Recap and Review


The episode starts in a casino, with the boss looking over everything. He goes over to the security guy before he leaves, who points out that his friend Mack has been there and drinking for seven hours. The owner kicks him out. Mack throws his drink on him and attacks him. The owner bans him. The owner arrives at his house and then gets shot.

Bull is about to go in somewhere and is having an inner monologue. This was great and I hope they do it again because it makes this scene. 


 He’s meeting Marisa’s boyfriend and doesn’t like him. At all. He builds apartments and he met Marisa at a bar. They were sitting next to each other, he left his wallet, and she returned it to his apartment. Marisa leaves and I fully expect Bull to read the guy the riot act. He doesn’t. He continues to rag on the guy in his head and pays the bill, but he pretty much keeps his mouth shut. According to his inner monologue, he wants Marisa to stay happy.


He gets a collect phone call and leaves. It’s from Mack, who is in prison for first-degree murder. He sends Marisa a text apologizing for leaving and complimenting her boyfriend.

The last time he saw Mack was in Vegas 6 years ago. He tells Bull that he got a text from the owner, Pat, who was a longtime friend, to come over and bury the hatchet. Pat was dead when he got there, and he’s the one that called 911. He also claims not to own a gun and not, so subtlety tells us that he was Bull’s college roommate. Bull isn’t sure how much help he can be because he’s not a lawyer and he doesn't know how the reservation court system works.


Marisa is explaining to the team about Mack. He’s been banned from every casino in Nevada and has a rap sheet a mile long. She wants Dany to see about transferring the case to federal court where they know the rules, Cable to research the tribe online, and for Chunk to hit the library.


Bull and Benny go to the reservation courthouse. Bull tells Benny about college. They ran an underground Poker ring that Mack got expelled for. Mack’s lawyer shows up and starts to explain the rules. Only a majority is needed to convict and there are 13 jurors. The chief is the judge and picks the lawyers for both sides.


Dany talks to an FBI friend. It would take heaven and earth for the case to go to federal court because every single part of the case is related to the tribe.


Another rule is that you aren’t supposed to sit before the chief does. She asks who Benny and Bull, and we find out she’s heard of Bull once he introduces himself. Mack pleads not guilty and the chief says that they have two days to prepare. She also allows bail at 100,000 dollars but there are no bail bondsmen on the reservation.


Bull pays for it out of TAC money and repays TAC out of his own.

Mack comes in and they all talk. According to the lawyer, the jurors volunteer and he has a list of the regulars. The standard is also not reasonable doubt, but more likely than not, which is not good for them. Bull wants friends on the jury, as many as they can find.

Marisa is blindfolded in the back of her car with her boyfriend, where we find out she doesn’t do mushy. The boyfriend shows her a not safe looking building and says he owns the whole block. Along with some other people, he’s going to develop the neighborhood. They kiss.


Dany is at the casino talking to the security guy, who is convinced Mack did it. Dany wants incident reports from the last three years.


Chunk wakes up Bull in his office. Everybody hated Mack.


They’re in the courtroom and the chief says that the trial will commence after a one-hour lunch break. They went to eat in the car. There are two people on the jury that wasn’t on the lawyer’s list. One loves the widow and the other is a businessman.

They go to look at the businesses and notice that he's tearing up a sidewalk.


The policeman is on the stand and the lawyer does well. Bull tells Mack to stop looking at the Widow because it’s making the jury look at her.

Bull and Benny talk in the casino, where Benny tells Bull he was too hard on Mack.

Bull goes to see Mack, but he doesn’t answer the door. He calls Mack and gives him hell. The door is unlocked and he sees that Mack has run.

He finds Mack in a bar. Cable tracked his phone. He tells Mack he’s done and fills in the rest of the college story. Mack hadn’t gone to class in a month and was going to get kicked out anyway.


Dany wakes Bull up in his office. There was a rash of car thefts until Pat installed cameras. Joe Chavez, the businessman on the jury, has the only place capable of being a chop shop. Bull asks her to check his shop out and he’ll try to stall.

He gets a one-hour recess from the chief. She says that if Mack isn’t in the court, a warrant will be put out for his arrest.


Dany calls Bull to say that the shop is locked up tight, almost as if they knew.


Also, the sidewalk they had seen construction on earlier is done. It’s just two squares. Bull has an idea, but he’ll have to ask the chief. He also calls Mack to apologize and ask him to come back.


During the closing arguments, Dany comes in with two cops. The rifle was in the sidewalk and Joe Chavez is arrested.


Mack comes in just in time to be proved innocent.


Bull catches Mack leaving town. Chavez had help from the security guy. They were in it together and he’s the guy who texted Mack. Mack is going to Mississippi to try the casinos there because apparently he didn’t get arrested for being in contempt of court. He tells Bull they’re even and Bull says that they’re still friends.


The pattern continues, but I liked it. 8/10