#Bull Season 2 Episode 9 "Thanksgiving"

The episode opens with a boxing championship. Bobby Lewis is supposed to throw a fight. He talks to three different people and then goes into the ring.


At first, it looks like he’ll do it, but then he actually starts to fight, and he wins. When he gets home, he finds his neighbor’s body in his trunk. His wife calls 911, but he hangs up. They call back.


It’s Monday before Thanksgiving, and at TAC, everyone is leaving for Thanksgiving. Chunk’s going to Georgia, Marisa’s going to Florida while Kyle’s in China, Danny’s going to see her family, Benny’s flying him into Dallas, and Cable does not see hers. Who doesn’t see their family on Thanksgiving? Get it together Cable.


Bull is in his office. He’s getting Thanksgiving delivered, and Marisa has set up the football on the computers. When he walks out, he’s met by the lawyer from Bobby’s trial, Galvin Barry. Over a drink, he explains the situation and twists Bull’s arm into at least meeting him.


It’s now Tuesday. Kyle is at Marisa’s door. He got mugged and Marisa promises to help him.


Bull’s at the prison. Bobby used to be in a gang until he found boxing. He also has two daughters. Bull asks him to tell the story of what happened three times.


He tells the lawyer why. It’s called the False Reiteration Theory. People that makeup stories tell them the same way every time they tell it. Truthful people add details as they remember them and so a story is always slightly different. All this to say, Bull believes he’s innocent, but he’s also hiding something.


Cable’s mom calls her, and Cable says she wants to have Thanksgiving with her friends. Seriously, her poor mother.


Benny is at the airport next to a girl who is also going to Dallas. Their flight is delayed.


An ADA that Bull knows is prosecuting the case. She’s snarky and he’s snarky back. Before they go in, Bull warns Barry that he’s underprepared. Barry doesn’t care. He says he needs all the help he can get it.


He moves to strike a juror and the judge won’t let him. He’s run out of strikes. And then he doesn’t listen to Bull, which of course ticks Bull off.


Chunk is talking to a girl, maybe a sister. She wants to go off to NYU, but her mom won’t let her. She wants Chunk to talk some sense into her.


Benny and the girl are asleep. He wakes up and wakes her up. She offers to buy him a drink and he doesn’t think she’s 21. They both show their ID’s.  I know this is played off to be cute and all, but I wasn’t about it. Maybe it’s just because I’m 22 and regularly mistaken for 12. That’s not flirting. That’s my life.


Marisa is on the phone in a hotel. All of her credit cards have been maxed out. Kyle did get his passport though.


It’s now Wednesday. Benny is telling the girl about Puerto Rican Thanksgiving and it’s really sweet.


The prosecution puts a neighbor on the stand that lies about seeing a fight. She’s obviously been paid off by one of the men who told Bobby to throw the fight, but Bull doesn’t know about that. There is a 10- minute recess where he tries to figure it out, but Bobby doesn’t give him anything.


It’s Thanksgiving Day. Marisa is trying to get through to Kyle but can’t. Her accounts have been drained as well.


Benny has a seat on a flight and gives it to the girl in exchange for her phone number. She texts him back. Yay!


Chunk talks to the mom about NYU. She doesn’t budge, and Chunk sees Bull on tv.


Cable is miserable at her Friendsgiving and calls her mom. She’s never going to do that again.


Bull is watching the fight when Danny comes in. She’s brought him a pie and she saw him on tv. When she sees the fight, she starts talking about her dad. He’s a ginger, was a fighter pilot, not violent but loved boxing. He said there was a story in every fight and gets Bull to look for the story in Bobby’s.


Bull wants a private conference with Bobby. He fakes attacking him to prove that he’s a lefty. Bull knows he was supposed to throw the fight and he’s ticked. Bobby knows he’s been framed and he’s given up. Bull hasn’t. He wants to settle it out of court with the only people he can.


Chunk talks to the mom again. He says that she won’t be alone, he’ll be there. She says that the girl doesn’t come to him like he comes to her. Then, brace yourselves, Chunk reveals he’s her father. Besides the fact that I completely wasn’t expecting the gay guy to have a kid, what did she think their relationship was? I thought he was going to see his family? I am very confused.


Bull talks to Mr. Sketchy guy


It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving. Right before closing arguments the ADA dismisses the charges against Bobby. New forensic evidence has been brought to light.

Bobby asks Bull what he did. He essentially made a deal with the devil. They own him, but now as a winner. Bull warns him that one day, they will lose confidence in him and tell him to throw another fight. If he doesn’t do it, they will kill him. Bobby asks how to repay Bull. Bull gives him two things: pay him and never tell anyone what he’s done.


Back at TAC, Marisa lies about being ok. She’s looking for Kyle in all criminal databases.


I got some of those consequences I wanted. Even without that, this was a solid episode. And yes, my favorite part may or may not have been the girl texting Benny back. 8/10.