#Bull Season 2 Recap

Bull comes back next week, so I’m here to give y’all a refresher. Season 2 was a bit hit or miss, so I’m going to tell you what to watch and what to skip.

School for Scandal: Watch. Diana Lindsey is back and she’s defending a woman (Minka Kelly) who claims she killed her husband in self-defense. She didn’t. She shot him because he refused to change their prenup. Chunk decides to go to law school.


Already Gone: Skip. Bull defends a kid who killed his girlfriend because she asked him to. Bull gets him off.

A Business of Favors: Watch. Judge Abernathy asks Bull to help with a case her son is working. It’s a fraternity hazing case, and the boys get off so easy it made me want to scream, but Bull does his job. Marissa starts dating Kyle.

The Illusion of Control: Watch. Bull is sued by a famous actress for giving bad advice. Bull hires Ron Getman (Brad Garrett) to represent him. Marissa gets subpoenaed as a witness, and Bull cares more about her than himself. There are some plot holes, but it’s a great character episode for Marissa and Bull.


Play the Hand You’re Dealt: Watch. Bull’s old college roommate is a dick, but he didn’t kill anyone. Tribal court has a whole new set of rules, which are fascinating to watch. What makes this episode though, is Bull’s inner monologue when he meets Kyle. It’s hilarious, and he ends up being right.

The Exception to the Rule: Watch. A lawyer who I am still convinced is Bull’s kid asks Bull to help his mom, who just happens to be Bull’s high school sweetheart. This is a really sweet episode, and it shows Bull with the fakest mustache ever.


No Good Deed: Skip.  A group of teachers changed students’ test scores. Bull defends one of them, claiming that she isn’t as guilty because she only changed one student’s test. Bull loses the case, but there are no actual consequences. Marissa catches Kyle going through her stuff, but he convinces her not to worry.

The Devil, The Detail: Skip. Bull goes up against another trial scientist in a drug trial. This episode isn’t necessarily bad, it’s a good Cable episode, but it’s really choppy. The parents take a settlement that they said they didn’t want, a guy doesn’t get punished for perjury, and Bull’s a huge jerk for most of it.

Thanksgiving: Watch. A boxer doesn’t throw a fight that he’s supposed to throw and gets set up for murder. There are actual consequences in this case, which is good. There are some great character moments in this episode too. Benny meets a girl, Chunk has a kid, Cable realizes how great parents are, and Kyle steals all of Marissa’s money.

Home for the Holidays: Watch. A little girl wants to get emancipated from her parents. Bull helps, but it backfires when he finds out that her mom died and that’s why her dad has been struggling. It’s completely adorable once everything is all sorted out. Bull even pretends to be Santa. Marissa also gets help from the rest of the team on the Kyle front and she catches him. Merry Christmas!


Survival Instincts: Skip. A sixteen-year-old girl is catfished, held against her will, and forced to rob a jewelry store by an older man. It’s intense and not one I would watch again, especially because of the ending. She gets back on her computer and the cycle might start again.

Grey Areas: Watch. This is possibly the best episode Bull’s ever done. Donovan is Moriarty to Bull’s Sherlock and the conflict is fabulous. We also finally get a client who is guilty.

Kill Shot: Watch. Bull has to defend a rich lady whose husband was shot. It turns out that they aren’t rich, and he had himself shot so that his family would get the payout from his life insurance. Unfortunately, once she proves her innocence, they don’t get the money. Bull has to get help from a tabloid reporter. I loved the legal point that just because someone famous is accused of something, it doesn’t make them guilty. This is also the first appearance of Chunk’s jerk professor.

Keep Your Friends Close: Watch. An assistant U.S. attorney comes to Marissa with a case. A guy hacked into Air Traffic Control. Said hacker’s pregnant girlfriend was Cable’s old roommate and completely screws her over. Cable ends up going to prison. It all works out in the end, but Bull fires her. This was a good decision, and now that the actress is gone, one that probably should have stuck.


Witness for the Prosecution: Watch. A DA needs Bull to convict Hazel Diaz, a crime boss that feigns schizophrenia every time she’s in court. Bull beats her by playing chicken with schizophrenia medicine. She caves before they give it to her.

Absolution: Watch. A man was convicted of murdering a woman her barely knew because of a coerced confession, DNA, and bitemark evidence. Bite mark evidence has gone out of style. It was one of Bull’s first cases and he retries it. Turns out, one of his coworkers killed the girl. What you can skip is Chunk’s strange dream sequence about his daughter.

Gag Order:  Watch. Chunk’s daughter comes for college visits. One of her prospective professors has just been arrested for breaking into the headquarters of a dating app. She was set up, and the company was legitimately sketchy, so she wins and gets to publish her article. By the end of the episode, Chunk and his daughter are kinda good. Cable gets her job back.

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Bad Medicine: Skip. Bull defends a drug dealer and gets her off.

A Redemption: Skip. This one is so weird. A guy robs a bank and his brother inadvertently becomes his getaway driver. Even though the brother has done nothing wrong, he runs away and changes his name. He gets called in 18 years later. He should theoretically have some consequence for running from the law for 18 years, but nothing.

Justified: Skip.  An abused pregnant woman shoots her husband in his sleep. Bull also had a sister that was abused. Chunk’s professor fails him. Skip because of heaviness of content, not because it’s bad.


Reckless: Watch. Benny is dating the girl from the Thanksgiving episode. He tells Bull that Isabella is getting remarried. Bull drinks excessively and is put in the drunk tank with a mute guy who is kind to him. Marissa bails Bull out and gives him a stern talking to. Bull finds out that the mute guy is on trial for arson, rape, and murder. The rest of the team is not happy about him taking this case, especially Benny. He doesn’t like death penalty cases. Marissa is in therapy. Bull apologizes to Isabella. At the end of the episode, he leaves court to get a drink.

Death Sentence: Watch. Bull dreams of Isabella taking him back, and then is woken by Marissa. He fell asleep drunk in his office. The verdict is guilty. One week later, Marissa tells her therapist that her and Bull might have a codependent relationship. The prosecutor brings Bull a possible souvenir from who he thinks is an accomplice. Bull thinks it’s a souvenir from the real killer. Chunk gets his professor to profile both the killer and the accused on the stand. They make up, and the professor asks Chunk to lecture on trial science. Marissa quits via a letter that she puts in Bull’s desk. She later rips it up. Wayne Norton is the actual killer, and once the FBI realizes this, they set aside the verdict. Bull then promptly goes outside and has a heart attack.