#Bull Season 3 Episode 10 "A Higher Law" Recap and Review

The episode starts with two girls running. One gets hit by a van that subsequently turns around and leaves.

The cops see it and pull it over. It belongs to a church, the man driving is a priest, and he has been drinking.

As Benny’s coming out of mass, another priest asks for his help.

Benny explains the situation to Bull. The real killer confessed to the priest, Father Andy. Father Andy tried to convince them to call the police and they wouldn’t. He then took the van himself and went out to look for the girl that was hit.

Benny and Bull talk to him. Bull tries to make the point that this wasn’t a typical confession. The person confessed in the church driveway, not in a confessional booth. Technicalities like that matter in the law but not to Father Andy. He won’t tell them anything. He asks Bull if he believes in God. Bull does not, but he agrees to help anyway.


In the courtroom, Bull explains what kind of jurors they need. They need people that understand vows, not necessarily churchgoers, because of the old saying “Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than sitting in a garage makes you a car.” They need people who are moral objectivists aka no hypocrites. Since Father Andy can’t take the stand, they need people that value keeping your word.

Danny talks to the woman in charge of transportation of the van in question. She describes a thorough security protocol, but it isn’t observed. Anyone could take that van if they wanted.

A police officer is on the stand. He had an encounter with Father Andy two years before. He was fixing a flat tire, the officer smelled alcohol on him, and then the officer drove him home instead of arresting him.


When Bull and Benny question him about, Father Andy did not see it coming. The officer never administered a breathalyzer or a sobriety test. He just offered to drive Father Andy home. They now have to put him on the stand to explain the night of the flat tire. If asked about the hit and run, there is a privilege he should be able to invoke.

Chunk preps Father Andy for trial. He’s extremely harsh and this leads to an interesting conversation about Chunk’s relationship to organized religion. It’s a very tricky conversation and they handled it rather well. A church is a hospital, not a museum. Everyone is welcome.

The women talk. Taylor tracked the navigation system and found two similar trips that were not in the log.


Father Andy is on the stand and the judge doesn’t grant him the protection they were expecting. This means that Father Andy cannot answer the other lawyer’s questions and is help in contempt of court.


Benny’s priest friend wants them to cut a deal. I know they only did this so that Bull could make a highly self-righteous speech, but I didn’t like it. Can you only have one good priest at a time or something? It’s uncharacteristic.

Danny found out where the van was parked on those two other trips. A guy from the church was visiting his girlfriend. He was supposed to see her on the day of the accident to celebrate getting into Harvard, but he never showed, and hasn’t made contact with her since.


The guy’s name is Jacob Larsen, but they need proof. They need him to confess again.

Bull talks to him and gets him on the stand, where he admits to everything. The other lawyer drops all of the charges, including the drunk driving charge, against Father Andy and arrests the kid.


Bull and Father Andy talk. Bull says that he envies him because he is never alone. Father Andy tries to explain that Bull doesn’t have to be alone, but Bull brushes it off with humor.


This could have been better, but it could have been much worse. One thing I will say: Can Benny and Matt Murdock please be friends? 7/10