#Bull Season 3 Episode 12 "Split Hairs" Recap and Review

The episode starts six years ago. A man redirects a woman to another restroom, but after she leaves, we realize it isn’t actually closed. He just needed an excuse to go inside and put on creepy serial killer gloves.


Another woman is at lunch with her boss. He’s completely disgusting and she goes to the bathroom to throw up. Our creepy gloved serial killer takes this opportunity to kill her.


The medical examiner and team are looking at her body. Apparently, our gloved friend is in fact a serial killer. He killed and then raped four women and they don’t have any forensic evidence. The new M.E. wants to give the body another look after everyone else leaves.


Flashforward to three months later. The serial killer, John Malford, has been convicted.


Flashforward to today. Benny and Chunk are at a lawyer bar where Benny runs into some friends. The male lawyer, Ryan Vance, has good news. He might be able to get a client out of jail. The client is the same serial killer and he plans to prove that the medical examiner planted the evidence.


Benny wants to help her and convinces Bull to come along. At the prison, she lets them know that she can’t pay them as much as they might be used to, but she won’t hire them at all if they slack off. They agree. Now comes the problem. Vance had the hair that she found on the woman’s body tested by four outside sources and none of them matched the DNA to Malford. She says that this is impossible. She would never have planted evidence. It was a male pubic hair that she found lodged deep in the woman’s throat. Where would she have gotten it. Bull says that the DA will find a way. If it was a mistake, then there is no crime and they could get the case dismissed. She insists that she does not make mistakes. They still agree to take the case, and she thanks them.


Bull talks to the ADA about the possible ramifications of this case. If the chief medical examiner of New York is found guilty of planting evidence, then all of her cases will be subject to appeal. It will be chaos. The ADA doesn’t budge. He does hand Bull a discovery packet and tells him that she deleted her first report. That’s a big no no.


Bull, Benny, and her talk about this. She’s dang stubborn and refuses to accept how bad this looks because she hasn’t actually done anything wrong. Bull decides to go through the full chain of evidence. If she didn’t make a mistake, then surely someone else did.


The type of jurors that they need are those that believe in Hanlon’s razor: “Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity.” She doesn’t like that he’s still going with the mistake theory, but it’s not up to her.


Danny talks to one of the lab techs. The M.E. insisted on doing everything herself. Nobody else touched the evidence.


Dr. Hansen, her supervisor at the time, is on the stand. He doesn’t particularly like her, but as Benny points out, she did replace and fire him, so he’s biased against her.


Taylor brings Benny, Bull, and the M.E. all the files that exist about the hair. The M.E. insists that she can look through them all herself. Benny leaves.


Bull goes to his office, where he texts Diana. The M.E. comes in. She’s found something. The hair that the outside labs tested has pollen on it. The woman was murdered in the middle of winter.


Chunk preps, or tries to prep, the M.E. She doesn’t listen to or cooperate with him.


Bull sees this as a good thing. If she won’t fudge an answer to keep herself out of prison, then she certainly wouldn’t fudge evidence to put someone else in prison.

On the stand, she proves him right. Her honesty makes the jury want to believe her.


The girls found something. Malford has a fan club, a rather large one. At least two dozen people are willing to get him out of prison. The problem is that they don’t have the time to track down all of them. Bull decides to go visit Malford instead.


When Bull and Benny get to the prison, Vance is there too. Malford doesn’t seem to care if he gets out of prison, but Vance does.


He paid off the lab tech that Danny talked to. Bull wants a list of his other clients to determine why.


They call him to the stand and bring up the money. They also bring up the fact that his brother is a convicted murderer put away by the M.E.’s evidence. That’s enough for the prosecutor to withdraw the charges.


The M.E. goes back to work.


Bull texts Diana.


She didn’t do a thing to help herself, but I’m glad she didn’t go to prison for something she didn’t do. I also like that there is some thread of continuity beginning in Bull and Diana’s relationship. 8/10.