#Bull Season 3 Episode 13 "Prior Bad Acts" Recap and Review

The episode starts in Weeks Dynamics. Mr. Weeks is helping one of the programmers and obsessively using hand sanitizer when his girlfriend comes in. She manages to pry him away from his work. He uses more hand sanitizer after they have sex and then he needs to take a nitroglycerin pill. She leaves so he can get more work done and then he collapses.


Marissa tells Bull that Benny is in his office and the other Mr. Weeks is in the conference room. He needs to see Benny first. When Bull gets to his office, he finds out that Benny’s father just died. Bull tells Benny to go home.


He takes Chunk and Taylor to the meeting with him instead. The Mr. Weeks that died is James Weeks, older brother. The younger brother wants to sue the doctor because James Weeks died from a nitroglycerine overdose, and not a heart attack. He believes that the doctor overprescribed James’s nitroglycerine and that is what killed him. Bull takes the case after he gets the million-dollar retainer.


Benny and Bull talk on the way to the funeral. Benny says he only has Izzy left. Bull says that Benny has him too. Always. Also, Izzy and her husband are having issues.


An independent autopsy concludes that the nitroglycerine that killed him did not come from his pills. It came from an ointment he used on his hands. His doctor did not prescribe him any ointment, so he was most likely murdered.


Bull hugs Benny and Izzy at the funeral. Afterward, he hides in a bedroom and calls Marissa. She tells him about the ointment, and he tells her about Izzy. Then Izzy wakes up. Bull hangs up and goes to her. She kisses him, he doesn’t stop her, and we fade to black.


They tell Weeks about the ointment. He thinks that it was in hand sanitizer because James was a huge germophobe.


Bull calls Izzy and gets her voicemail.

James’s girlfriend comes in. She’s been married twice. Both died of overdoses under mysterious circumstances and both had substantial life insurance policies. She also changed her name and appearance after each. They are officially charging her with wrongful death, among a litany of other things.


Marissa and Bull talk, first about the case. All of the hand sanitizer from his office is gone, but they found some in his gym locker. Then they kind of talk about Diana and Izzy, enough to make Marissa worry.


A doctor is on the stand. In the way it was administered, and with one of his nitroglycerine pills, it would have only taken one squirt to kill him. As the lawyer points out; however, they can’t prove that the girlfriend tainted the sanitizer.


Izzy calls Bull and tells him to meet her the next night. Now he can stop calling her.


They cannot bring up the other two marriages in court because she was never charged, and it doesn’t technically count as relevant evidence. They need to find out where the money is. Taylor brings up that it might be in the stock market. When some people lose big, some people win big.


They put the girlfriend on the stand, and Benny manages to navigate the minefield that is mentioning her marriages to get to the point. She went back to school for personal finance after her first husband died. She doesn’t own any Weeks Dynamics stock. Benny then asks her to explain the concept of shorting stocks. I was an English major, so it’s all Greek to me, but not to her. She recently took a course in alternative earning strategies for the stock market and she shorted 40,000 Week Dynamics stocks. She got him excited enough that he would need his nitroglycerine, which combined with her special grade sanitizer to kill him. She pleads the 5th, but that only makes her look guiltier.


Bull meets Izzy. Her husband called her, and she talked to him for the first time in three weeks. She wasn’t in a good emotional state and what they did was a mistake. She’s still in an impaired emotional state because she makes out with him in the bar before he leaves.


I missed jury selection and Bull’s love life gives me whiplash, but this episode was solid. 8/10.