#Bull Season 3 Episode 16 "Forfeiture" Recap and Review

The episode starts in a barbershop. A younger man is trying to sell shaving butter, but the customer doesn’t bite. The younger man then tells his grandfather to go on home. He’ll close up.


He then starts selling counterfeit items, including watches, sneakers, and football jerseys out of the back. He gets caught by the FBI red handed.


His lawyer is Chunk, who is still not a licensed attorney, but is being supervised by one and a professor for this case. The younger man, Darius, isn’t happy about it, but he also doesn’t have a choice. He also claims that nothing was stolen, but he couldn’t possibly be that stupid. His rationale is that it can’t be a crime if everyone is in on it.


Chunk’s got his work cut out for him, and it gets worse. He also has a criminal record. He stole a car four years prior. But there’s a bright spot. Even with all that, Chunk gets him released on bail under his own recognizance.


Bull is in his office talking to Diana’s voicemail when Chunk comes in and tells him about the case. Darius could get ten years. He then gets a phone call from Darius. He has to get down to Brooklyn, and Bull offers to drive.


The FBI has seized the barbershop under the assumption that it is a property that furthers criminal activity. The grandpa wants to fight this, but since this would be a civil trial and not a criminal one, he is not entitled to a lawyer. After getting into it with an FBI agent, Bull decides to provide one anyway.


Danny comes to help Chunk. He wants to use Darius’s words to make the case. He wants to argue that Darius was selling such bad fakes that no one could possibly have mistaken them for the real thing. He needs Danny to look at the merchandise.


Unfortunately, the merchandise all looks legitimate. Fortunately, it might have been used as evidence before.


Benny gets the judge to fast track the grandpa, Willie’s, case.


They do have a hard road ahead, because they have to prove a negative. They had to prove that Willie had no idea what was going on and didn’t do anything wrong. It’s hard to prove what someone doesn’t know.


Danny comes in with big news on Darius’s case. Raymond, the guy that Darius was arrested with and who supplied him all the goods, is a federal agent. Chunk wants to argue entrapment. Benny advises him otherwise. They can bring up any and all past acts when being accused of entrapment, and he’s admitting that Darius did it. He did but admitting that makes it much harder to win. Also, Bull and Benny are primarily representing Willie. If it’s better for there case to push Darius under the bus, and since Chunk would be essentially admitting Darius’s guilt then it would be, then they will not hesitate to do so. Chunk says that he understands this and agrees not to argue entrapment.


But Chunk is a big fat liar and does it anyway.


Benny hears about it and they have it out until Bull breaks it up. Raymond will now be appearing in both courtrooms and they need to go hard. What’s done is done, no matter how foolhardy it may be.


He appears in Chunk’s court first. Chunk brings up the fact that he badgered Darius. He asked Darius five times before he said yes, and he did it all so that his team could make money off of the forfeiture case and get promotions and raises. Even if that isn’t illegal, it’s several different shades of sleazy.


In Benny’s courtroom, he gets Raymond to admit that he never spoke to Willie. He even makes the point that Raymond went out of his way to avoid Willie, because Willie would have put a stop to it and that would have ruined Raymond’s case.


Bull talks to prosecutor in Chunk’s case about a deal: one year of prison time and an Alford plea. An Alford Plea is the best of both worlds. You acknowledge that you’re going to lose without admitting your guilt.


It’s a good deal and Bull advises Chunk to advise Darius to take it. At first he does, but then his stubbornness and his ego get in the way and he advises against it. Darius doesn’t take the deal. Bull and Benny leave. When he refuses to listen to a word they say, there really isn’t a reason for them to be there.


Chunk comes into to TAC to talk to Bull. He subpoenaed Willie to testify in Darius’s case without Bull’s knowledge or permission.


Willie says on the stand that he thought that Darius was selling shaving butter, and that he did what he did in order to help. However; the prosecutor does make a good point. Just because you tell someone to do something over and over does not make them do it.


Bull and Benny subpoena Darius’s probation officer. Willie showed him around the shop, even the backroom, where Darius stashed the counterfeit merchandise. He left the parole officer in the backroom without supervision. Benny makes the case that Willie would never have done this if he knew what Darius had been up to.


Bull and Benny talk about Chunk.


Chunk makes his closing argument, ironically about choices.


I guess they both won? There’s absolutely no follow through but everyone leaves the courtroom looking happy and Bull apologizes unnecessarily, so that appears to be the case.


This episode was disappointing. This could have been the start of a storyline of growth for Chunk. Everyone has a first case, everyone thinks that they are right all of the time, and everyone loses. This could have been about learning to listen to people that know more than you do. Instead it was about experience bowing down to the audacity of youth, and that there are no consequences to your bad decisions. It could have been so much more. 7/10.