#Bull Season 3 Episode 19 "Bounty" Recap and Review

The episode starts with a man watching a couple through a window. The man who was being watched gets in his car, and the other guy threatens him. He’s some kind of mediator and the other guy owes his client $2 million dollars. The mediator makes the other guy get out of the car, knocks him out, and then puts him in the trunk of his car.


The client shows up, but there is one problem. The mediator got the wrong guy, and now he has to figure out what to do with him. He decides to drop the knocked-out guy off at an emergency room.


The mediator is a friend of Danny’s. He used to be in the FBI. He also used to be married, and he has a nine-year-old kid that he sees one week a month.

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He also has a litany of charges, which Danny tells Bull. He’s a bail recovery agent, aka a bounty hunter, and this was his first job. His name is Trent Bolton, and he was her mentor in the FBI, even though she hadn’t seen or talked to him in three years. Bull promises to talk to the ADA, but nothing else.

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It turns out that the ADA is the epitome of “nobody cares if you’re right if you’re a jerk about it.” She’s probably in her 20’s, she’s extremely full of herself, and she wants Trent to serve 30 years. Bull doesn’t like her, and so he wants to beat her.


He goes with Benny to see Trent in prison. He’s been freshly beat up because some of the inmates found out he used to be FBI. Bull wants to know how he kidnapped the wrong guy. He says that he got a bad tip, but he doesn’t know who from. He’s extremely grateful for Bull and Benny’s help, but he wants one more favor. He wants them to call his ex-wife and tell her what’s happening.

Bull tells Benny that they need frontier pragmatists, or realists. They need people who understand that while uncomfortable, a bounty hunter’s job is necessary, and sometimes life happens. This will help with their mistake of fact defense: Trent’s job was to apprehend Christopher Langston. He got a tip about where Langston was and followed it. That tip was wrong, and that’s the only reason that he is being charged. The defense is that the crime is only a crime because he got bad intel.


The ADA is a smart cookie and catches onto their strategy. To that end, she makes her opening argument about common sense. It’s good and Bull knows it.

She then puts the victim on the stand, Michael Cole. They watch a video of the incident and she asks how he is. He’s had to take off a month of work, and get this, he’s a firefighter. This is the point at which I, and everyone in the episode for that matter, believed them to all be screwed. The judge isn’t on their side this time either.


Danny needs to investigate the bad tip and try to find something to put them back above water.


Benny and Bull talk about the ADA until Danny tells them that she found something. Michael Cole didn’t seek treatment. He was unconscious for three hours, woke up three minutes after Trent left, and did not seek any treatment in the emergency room that he woke up in. Something’s up. They just need to find out what it is.


The ADA greets them at the courthouse and offers a deal: 25 years and eligible for parole after 18. They say they’ll talk to Trent. What they actually do is go in the bathroom and try to figure out what she knows that they don’t, because she’s spooked about something.

The prosecution rests, and Bull puts Trent on the stand to buy them some time to figure out what is going on.

The team found out.


They recall Michael Cole to the stand. As well as being a firefighter, he is also an MMA fighter. He’s also planning to retire from the New York Fire Department. He trains at the same place that Christopher Langston does. When Benny asks him if he knew that, he pleads the fifth. Benny also asks him how many times he was punched. How does one punch knock out a firefighter/MMA fighter for three hours? Why didn’t he seek treatment? Was he even unconscious at all?


They then call the bail bondsman, Hector Morales, to the stand. This was the largest bail that he ever posted, and yet he hired a bounty hunter that he had never worked with before. Also, Langford had to surrender his passport as a condition of his bail. There was another man that Morales worked with that had to surrender his passport but died in a car accident on the way to court. Langford paid for that passport and also for a lookalike to get captured.

The ADA calls for a recess. Bull helps her. She needs to immediately withdraw the charges against Trent and file charges against Morales. If she’s lucky, he’ll tell her where Langford is. She asks why he’s helping her. He says he wants to be able to vote for her when she runs for District Attorney in five years.


That was a bit of a stretch, but at least he didn’t flirt with this one. 7/10.