#Bull Season 3 Episode 20 "The Good One" Recap and Review

The episode starts in the New York City Federal Courthouse Conference Room. A couple and their son are talking to the father’s lawyer. He’s been representing them for 30 years, but he’s finally lost, and he thinks that the judge is going to go hard on sentencing.

An older man is walking down the street and the son is walking behind him. Another boy pulls up in a car and tries to get him to leave, but the son doesn’t listen and cuts the older guy’s throat. He then pulls a gun on the person in the car and tells him to drive.

Marissa interrupts Bull looking at puppy photos to inform his that Colleen McAndlis, the mom, wants an interview.


Bull puts her in the conference room, where she’s doing a crossword. Both her sons were arrested the night before for killing the judge in the father’s case. Only one of them did it, and she wants Bull to represent the innocent one, Connor. He’s a year into medical school and she told him to go there so that his brother wouldn’t do anything stupid.

Bull agrees to talk to the boy. Benny doesn’t like it. Connor tells them that he called his brother, Brendan, and he didn’t answer, so he had one of his dad’s friends track him down. The cops pulled them over about five minutes after it all went down. The problem is that he didn’t tell the cops any of this and he’s not going to. He may not be a criminal, but he’s also not a snitch. This makes Benny and Bull’s job, if they choose to accept it, a million times harder. If he won’t let them sever his trial from his brother’s, it’ll be nigh impossible.

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Bull wants to take it anyway, because he thinks that the mom can convince Connor to save his own self, or at least let them do it.

Benny brings the motion to sever the trials into court and it’s denied immediately. Not only that, but Benny is found in contempt and fined $2000.


The team doesn’t have any better luck. No one wants to help the defense lawyer of the judge killer. Bull and Benny are going to have to do jury selection the old-fashioned way, with instinct and a legal pad.

Bull explains that what they’re fighting is anchoring bias: when one trait overwhelms an entire person. What they need is people with tunnel vision and black sheep. People with tunnel vision will look at what’s in front of them minus the baggage and black sheep know what it’s like to be judged for something they are.


The mom wasn’t in court for jury selection and Connor won’t go on the stand against his brother, so Benny’s still at his wits end about what to do.

The mother doesn’t come in the next day, as an eyewitness who didn’t see as much as she thought she saw takes the stand.

When the mother does come in, it’s like a bad omen. The prosecution and Brendan’s lawyer have reached a deal. Brendan pleads guilty in exchange for testifying against his brother. I genuinely didn’t see that coming. What self respecting member of a crime family would turn their innocent sibling over to the government? What’s even worse is that, even if Connor were to take the stand now, the jury might not believe either of them.

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The team hasn’t been able to find anyone to corroborate Connor’s version of events, but Danny has an idea. She needs the names of all of the delivery people that were in the area at the time of the murder.

Bull meets the mom at her restaurant. It used to be her grandmother’s and it’s the only thing in her life that her husband has no part of. She asks him if he thinks she’s a monster for only defending one of her boys. He doesn’t. He thinks she’s brave. She offers to take the stand, but Bull doesn’t think that will make any kind of difference. All they can do is fight.

Brendan doesn’t show up to court the next morning. It turns out that he’s dead. He was killed that morning in the prison yard.

This is both good and bad for their case. Brendan now can’t testify against his brother, but now there is no one to pay for killing the judge. The jury will want someone to pay, and it might not matter that Connor is innocent.

There’s one more thing that Bull and Benny bring up to Connor as they inform him that they’ve asked for a continuance. The person who killed Brendan grew up with Connor. Connor explains that they went to school together, but they haven’t been close since middle school and he hasn’t seen him in five years. He could never kill his brother.


Three days later, they put a delivery guy on the stand. He saw Brendan put a gun to Connor’s head. This should be great, but the jury doesn’t care. They’ve already made up their own story of what happened.

Bull goes to see the dad and asks if he put the hit on his son. The dad explains that that makes no sense. Without Brendan, there is no one to pass his business to. He has no legacy.

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Bull puts him on the stand where he explains that. Brendan was like him, but Connor isn’t. He couldn’t hurt a cockroach, let alone a human being. This little outburst has him taken out of the court.

But it works. Connor is found not guilty.


Bull visits the mom again. She put the hit out on her own son, but she won’t admit it. She brings up the crossword again. She’s slimy and I hate her.

There were so many twists and turns in this episode I honestly don’t know what to think.  Points for Connor being innocent but points off for his mother being a skeezeball. 7/10.