#Bull Season 3 Episode 22 "Pillar of Salt" Recap and Review

The episode starts at the New York Sacred Heart Hospital. A woman brings in a little girl who isn’t breathing. The girl, Lizzy, is her stepdaughter. She threw up three hours ago and then was fine for half an hour. Then she started breathing funny and the stepmom brought her to the hospital. The doctors notice bruising that the stepmom was unaware of.While they take care of Lizzy, the stepmom calls her husband. She then talks to the police. Lizzy had two helpings of soup for dinner. She wanted more, but the stepmom wouldn’t give it to her, so she threw a tantrum. This caused her 5-month-old to start crying as well. He is with a neighbor. A doctor comes in and tell her that Lizzy is dead.

Bull and Benny talk about it. Benny is in a mood. Izzy is getting divorced and neither of them have grandkids for his dad, who is dead. She isn’t returning any of Benny’s calls.

They meet the husband. He initially wanted a boy, but thought Lizzy was magic. He met the stepmom, Angela, after his divorce. He says that Angela adored Lizzy. The arraignment is in the afternoon, and he doesn’t care what it. He needs his wife back. They then talk about the Medical Examiner’s report. Lizzy died from a lethal dose of salt. Angela is being charged with second degree murder, so the District Attorney does not think this was an accident. The husband insists that this is absurd. Angela quit her job to take care of Lizzy, even when she was being difficult. She’d eat so much that she’d make herself sick and would throw a tantrum if they didn’t give her more food. This had been happening since Angela brought the baby home. His ex-wife insists that she’s fine and that it’s all Angela’s fault, so they haven’t seen a specialist. Benny’s in a better mood now because he’s a sucker for a man that loves his wife.

They go to the prison to talk to Angela. Benny asks her about the salt. She says that Lizzy had gotten into the pantry that morning, but she thought it was only to make a mess. She makes it very clear to Bull that she was a mother before she gave birth. She was a mother to Lizzy even though she didn’t give birth to her. It’s an important point and Bull was kind of a dick about it.


Benny manages to get her off on five million dollars bail. Now he’s going to go have dinner with his aunt. Bull calls Izzy.

The prosecution gives them an updated witness list, which includes Susan Grey. She teaches a baby jingles class that Angela took Izzy to. She’s horrible and says that she heard Angela say that she wanted to leave Lizzy in the cab the day before Lizzy died. Benny then shows a social media post that she made about threatening to shove a guy’s bicycle up his butt. People sometimes say things that they don’t mean they are frustrated and tired.

Marissa is at the doctor. She’s an excellent candidate for IVF. Her husband, on the other hand, is not.


Benny found out that Izzy’s marriage broke up because of infidelity. Oh my gosh.

The first wife is on the stand. She says that Lizzy wasn’t at all problematic. She got upset when her dad left, but that’s to be expected. She doesn’t know Angela, she doesn’t like Angela, and she thinks that Angela is cruel. The latter is because she walked in Lizzy crying because Angela put a red pepper flake on her tongue. Benny brings up that it was a behavioral technique that she got from Lizzy’s pediatrician.

While Benny takes a call from Izzy’s ex-husband, the rest of the team talk about the case. They can’t put Angela on the stand because she looks like a married woman’s nightmare. They might be able to put the father on the stand, if they can find mementos to prove that Angela loved Lizzy. Taylor and Danny will look for those.

Benny wants to talk to Bull alone. He knows that Izzy is the one that cheated, and he knows who she cheated with. He’s understandably upset, and Bull just makes it worse by mocking Benny and telling him to grow up. He then leaves his office. Benny follows him out and tackles him to ground. He quits. He’ll finish the case, but then he’s done. He then punches Bull in the face. Bull deserved it.


Bull spends the night in his office with alcohol and Marissa brings him clothes. She got them a 24 hour continuance.


Danny found a scrapbook. Like everything else in Lizzy’s room, it looks like it’s been through hell. There are bite marks everywhere and that gives Bull an idea.


Lizzy had pica, which explains the death by salt. It’s a disorder that causes people to eat non-food items, specifically ones that are high in salt. The problem is that the doctor they put on the stand never actually examined Lizzy, so they have to prove it.

Bull goes to the ex-wife and pleads with her to help them. She must have seen something, and Angela will go away for something that wasn’t her fault if she doesn’t help them.

She goes back on the stand and says that she didn’t want to see the problem, but she can in hindsight.

Marissa asks Bull if she can leave to meet her husband when he gets home. She tells her husband that she changed her mind about having a baby. She doesn’t tell him that he wasn’t a good candidate.


Angela is found not guilty. The wives hug and the husband joins them, which is extremely sweet.

Izzy is in Bull’s cab. Benny told her where to find him. He apologizes and she tells him that she’s pregnant, so Benny will have to come around sometime.


I hated this. What happens to Diana? Why does Bull have a baby on accident and Marissa can’t have one on purpose? You would think with the PR crapstorm this show has been through, they would find a way for Bull to look like less of a dick. I’m sure it’s the writers and not Michael Weatherly, but still. He slept with his ex-wife during her father’s funeral, broke up her marriage, and admits no wrongdoing in the matter. He gets to be the good guy? No way! No hecking way. 5/10.