#Bull Season 3 Episode 3 "Excessive Force" Recap and Review

The episode starts with two cops talking. One has to go to the bathroom. The bathroom stall won’t lock, so she puts a trashcan in front of it. She takes off her gun and put it on the sink. As she’s preparing to pee, a man comes barreling into the bathroom. He goes for the gun, they struggle for it, and it goes off. She calls it in.


Four days later, Bull is at dinner and he’s having food envy. This grumpiness transfers over to the police commissioner, who needs Bull’s help. The man has filed a civil rights claim against the city of New York, because, did I forget to mention? The man who the officer shot is black. Bull tells him to settle. He tried, but they wanted more money. Bull tells him to give them whatever they want. He says that the officer was only defending herself and deserves a chance to clear her name. He’s convinced that it was not racially motivated. Bull agrees to meet her.


There is a large protest in front of her house. The commissioner wants to move her into a hotel. She won’t, and the commissioner leaves. She wins Bull over, but he still wants to settle, which she appears to want too.


Benny and Danny talk.  She got a text from Bull to look into the man, who is a schoolteacher. Benny hasn’t been told anything.


Bull is in the other lawyer’s office and he’s still having food issues. She wants $25 million dollars for what appears to be a flesh wound, but not to her client, and not to her. Bull doesn’t settle.


He does tell the team. His strategy is to focus on circumstances and not on race. They need blink reactors, decisive people who make decisions quickly. It’s important that that’s the only thing that matters.


Chunk and his daughter talk. She’s not happy he’s on the case. He tells her first that he’s not in charge, and then he tells her a story about his 14th birthday. It was then that his dad gave him a talk about how to act around the police. It made Chunk so mad until he saw the purpose in it. Now that he is a part of the justice system, he sees that, in order for it to work, it must be colorblind. Truly colorblind.


Danny talks to a woman that had the man as a driver through a ride share service. She filed a complaint against him, but now she doesn’t want to talk about it.


The Police commissioner is unsure about the jury.

The man, Cal Peterson, is on the stand. He gives a pretty standard testimony when his lawyer questions him, but Benny brings up something interesting. Not only was he drunk that night, he was also on drugs, molly. He denies it of course, but it’s all in the report. Benny also brings up the woman Danny talked to earlier, Veronica Hill. She felt so uncomfortable with his aggressive sexual advances that she had him drop her off three and a half miles early and then he ran after her.


The Commissioner is happier now. Bull still wants to settle because he can’t see a good ending to this case. The Commissioner’s priority is clearing his officer.


Chunk is prepping her and she’s having trouble. Chunk gives her some advice. She cannot let the other lawyer bait her. That’s her strategy. It’s something she’s famous for.


The officer, Tanya Harris, crashes and burns. She’s momentarily saved by a bomb threat in the courtroom and retreats outside to face the large protest, but she has to go back in, where she proceeds to crack under pressure and say the exact thing that she’s not supposed to say on the stand. I know nerves make people stupid, but not that stupid.


She apologizes in the car.

The Commissioner is at TAC and he finally wants to settle. Bull wants to wait until morning.

He talks to his team. Something isn’t sitting right with him. He wants to see the body cam footage again, and he has a rather pressing question. Where did Cal Peterson throw up? If he was so sick that he barged into the women’s bathroom looking for the sink, where did he throw up? Everyone else now sees that something’s fishy.


Bull explains to the Commissioner that this case isn’t racially motivated at all. It’s about greed. I think this revelation added years to my life.


Cal Peterson is on the stand again and Benny exposes the whole thing. They were in on it together. They’re romantically involved and trying to con the city. He can prove it too. 10 months ago, Peterson drove Tanya Harris. There is also a motel clerk that remembers him and security cameras that caught them together. Benny also points out that the first one to confess often gets the lighter sentence.

She confesses. All the cops leave, and all the protestors leave.


Bull flirts with the other lawyer, who is rightly crushed by this outcome. He’s always admired her. She asks if he wants to get a drink, but he can’t. After some joking and prodding she says that she might call him sometime. It never ceases to amaze me how he flirts with everyone.


I did not see that coming, but I’m so happy! Lovely plot twist, and as I said, probably added years onto my life. 8/10.