#Bull Season 3 Episode 4 "Justice for Cable" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Bull talking at Cable’s funeral. It’s a very funky service from a very funky girl. Afterwards, he talks to Cable’s mom. Police found some things from Cable’s car but she can’t pick it up alone. Bull will take care of it.


There is a flashforward to three weeks later.


Danny tells Marissa to put the tv on. The bridge collapse was terrorism, not an accident.


Bull is in a bad way. He’s on the phone, presumably with Cable’s mother, he’s tired, and HE IS DRINKING! Marissa thankfully calls attention to this when she and Benny come into to tell him about the terrorists. There was a cell, all dead, in Prague. They wanted it to look like an accident and they planned 25 more events, that are being checked out. Benny says that there is nothing more that they can do. The terrorists have made them afraid.


Marisa gets a phone call at three am. Bull’s there. He meets the hubby, who is not a fan. This is completely understandable but doesn’t bode well for him. He then pours them all a drink, against Marissa’s protest, and Bull asks them all some good questions. How did the terrorists do it? They needed a lot of money for people, food, shelter, etc. Where did it come from and how did it get into the country? Wouldn’t they need a bank?


Bull talks to another one of Marisa’s government friends. The money was processed through Thoreau Financial. They’ve tried to get the company multiple times and can’t make a case stick. Even if they could, the economy would take a hit. They can; however, go after the CEO.


Marissa tells the team.


Benny tells Bull the issues with this. They cannot bring criminal action against this guy. They also cannot sue them on Cable’s behalf. They aren’t family.

Cable’s mother on the other hand, can. Bull suggests that she check with her husband. She says that her husband is not Cable’s father, so she’s going to make the decision on her own. She wants to make them hurt.


Danny starts to tell Bull off for using her as Cable, but Marissa comes in. He needs to hire another Cable. He can’t, so she’ll do it. She then moms him and not so subtley tells him not to call her in the middle of the night.


Bull falls asleep in his office and is woken up by Usher’s “Yeah!” playing loudly. He finds a woman using Marissa’s credentials who thinks he’s the janitor. Once he clears that up, he finds out that she is another one of Marissa’s friends from Homeland Security. She’s doing this as a favor for Marissa, and only while her three-year-old is over at her ex’s, which is only two days.


She’s been looking for points of intersection between the CEO and the bad guys. One of the bad guys lived in the U.S. for six months and went to the same college as the CEO.


The other lawyer has filed a motion to dismiss. The judge denies it, but the case is on trial, in more ways than one.


TAC is inundated with paperwork from the angry bank.


Cable’s mom is in Bull’s office. A man offered her 10 million dollars to drop the suit. She told him to go to hell.


Bull tells Benny that they need detail-oriented people.


Taylor tells them that their case is circumstantial. The terrorist’s money was not flagged, but other similar cases were, almost immediately. It’s also possible that they were in Panama at the same time. She now has to go, because her day care closes in 25 minutes. She gets Chunk’s name wrong and leaves. Danny found an independent contractor that wrote code for the bank. He signed an NDA, but he’s also dying from stage four lymphoma.


Chunk preps him.


He goes on the stand. He was hired directly by the CEO soon after the terrorist opened his account at the bank and was asked to make a backdoor code. It didn’t worry him at the time because many banks use backdoor codes as a failsafe. This particular bank used it to circumvent anti laundering and know your client protocols. He reported it to the CEO. He also mentions the NDA. He’s dying, so what can they do to him now?


The other lawyer wants to talk. Bull asks the CEO about stock prices and the other lawyer offers a 25-million-dollar settlement.


It doesn’t happen. The contractor has not showed up for court because he’s dead, and his testimony is therefore being discarded. They got a continuance until tomorrow, but they need something.


Taylor talks to Bull. Bull thinks that the contractor was killed with potassium chloride. She found proof that the terrorist and the CEO were together in Panama. The only problem is that they can’t use. She got it illegally and would go to jail. He won’t give it back.


The CEO is on the stand. THEY ARE USING THE PHOTO! The judge asks them all to his chambers and asks where the photo came from. It was conveniently leaked to the media that morning.


Benny then demolishes the CEO on the stand. They get a settlement for 100 million! And it gets better! Marisa’s other Homeland friend arrests the CEO for aiding terrorists!


Bull brings Taylor coffee at the playground. She leaked the photo to save her butt. She doesn’t agree with his methods but does agree with his heart. She’ll work for him and TAC will be the second most important thing in her life.


This didn’t make me cry as much as I anticipated, but it was satisfying. I liked that all the bad guys got there’s and I like the new girl. Someone who has to balance work with a small child is going to be good for them. 8/10.