#Bull Season 3 Episode 6 "Fool Me Twice" Recap and Review

The episode starts with Marisa at her husband’s restaurant. She wants him to thank the chef for her, but he brings her to the kitchen so she can do it herself. They then kiss and she leaves.


 After closing, the night janitor smells something and goes to check it out. It’s a fire.


Marissa and her husband wake up after 11 on a Sunday morning. They have a ritual that whoever comes in last kisses the other to let them know and he broke it. He says that she looked far too adorable and it won’t happen again. Then the perfect moment of domestic bliss is interrupted by the doorbell. It’s the police. They tell about the fire and need Greg, the husband, to come with them.


Bull comes to the police station. Benny called him. Marissa gives Bull all of the details she knows until Benny shows up with some bad news. They found a body and Greg is being charged with involuntary manslaughter.


They post bail and talk. Bull offers his help and Benny is now his lawyer. Greg wants to do something for the man who died, but Benny advises against it. Marissa will take care of it.

Now to business. The fire inspector’s report says that the fire was caused by grease buildup through a faulty duct and accelerated by badly put up cleaning supplies. The prosecution is going to make the case that Greg was negligent. He insists that this is not the case, even in the face of violations from the fire department and the OSHA. The latter even involved badly put up cleaning supplies.


Bull and Benny talk. It sounds like the perfect storm and that’s exactly what they need the jury to think. The jury will argue post hoc ergo hoc, which while being Latin and fancy, is in fact a logical fallacy. What they need is jurors that realize that correlation does not prove causation.


Danny and Taylor found something that Danny shows Marissa. Greg had six weeks to pay two million dollars to his investors or he would lose his controlling interest in the company. There are only two weeks left until that deadline. She tells Bull and he’s surprisingly optimistic. He also gives the stunningly logical advice that she should talk to him. Isn’t that what married people are supposed to do?


The fire martial is on the stand and regurgitates what is in his report. Benny asks him specifically what ignited the fire. It could have theoretically been anything. Especially since the night manager smoked. He’d even been written up for it. Unfortunately, the fire would still need an accelerant, like cleaning supplies.


Danny tries to track down the inspector who cleaned out the shafts, which Greg said happened two months ago, even though there was five months of buildup when it went boom. He’s nowhere to be found. He quit and the owner has no idea where he is or if he did his job. He does strongly imply that Greg might not have wanted the shafts cleaned.


Bull, Danny, and Benny are having a meeting without Marissa that she then walks in on. She has a theory on why he wouldn’t have wanted the ducts cleaned. His fire insurance policy was more than enough to pay off his investors. Bull is still optimistic. She then tells them all about their nightly ritual. Benny and Danny leave.


Bull and Marissa get in a cab. He has an arson person he can call if that would make her feel any better. She thinks she’s a horrible wife. He would be a hypocrite to judge.


They put the chef on the stand. He loves his job and Greg. After six years Greg made him his business partner, simply because Greg wanted him to profit off his hard work. Alarms bells went off instantly in my head. The prosecutor also has a problem. If he loved his job so much, why was he looking for another one? He tries to downplay, but it doesn’t work.


Bull says that Greg might need to be put on the stand.

Bull and Danny talk. The fire was arson and the accelerant was gasoline. Danny wants to tell Marissa. Bull says no, not until they are 100% sure who it was.


Marissa and Greg are at TAC for Greg’s prepping. Marisa listens in. Bull comes in, takes over, and starts interrogating him. Greg tells him that the insurance money could only be used to rebuild, not to repay investors. He could never burn his restaurant down any more than he could be unfaithful to Marissa, who he calls his redemption. Marissa is crying while hearing this.


Now they just need to find out who did. The only person that stood to gain was the chef. He wasn’t looking for another job. He was looking for partners for his own business. All he needed was money for the down payment on a place.

Benny demolishes him using his smart watch. He was in the restaurant at the time of the fire, and he had motive.


The jury find him not guilty and everyone’s happy.


But it’s not all kittens and rainbows. Greg knows that Marisa doubted him and he’s not sure if he can accept that. Marissa uses Bull’s words to try and explain herself and it works. Now they’ll just have to tragically shoot him in a couple of episodes.


I would love for Marisa to have a lovely, healthy marriage, but I highly doubt the writers will allow that for long. I’m pleasantly surprised that he wasn’t guilty, so I guess we’ll see. 8/10.