#Bull Season 3 Episode 7 "A Girl Without Feelings" Recap and Review

The episode starts at a party. A girl walks in and drops a bottle of alcohol to get her brother’s attention. She drops two more when he won’t talk. A friend tries to intervene, but she walks out.


She wakes up with blood all over her and her brother dead on the floor. She calls the cops crying, but turns it off the second she hangs up.


Bull sees her on tv while he’s on the treadmill. Her name is Tally North, and she used to be a patient of his, back when he was a psychiatrist.


He visits her and offers to help. She likes his new glasses. She also felt abandoned by him and not all of her therapists were as nice. One of them molested her. He asks her if she did it. She doesn’t know. Her brother wanted to institutionalize her, and she was extremely mad at him, but she doesn’t remember anything. She thinks she had a blackout.


Danny wakes up, and holy crap she slept with the guy in Cable’s building, Gabriel. She’s leaving and she’s not particularly nice about it, but that doesn’t stop him from giving her a key. She does take it eventually and leaves.


Marisa gives the team the spiel. Tally is a sociopath and has suffered from fugue state blackouts ever since she was a child. These are dissociative episodes that she doesn’t have any memory of. Bull doesn’t think that this will hold up in court, so he’s entering an insanity plea.


He’s been subpoenaed for Tally’s old therapy tapes. He decides to watch some before he gives them over.


A forensic psychiatrist is on the stand. The scissors used to stab the victim were wiped clean and there is evidence that the killer tried to stop the bleeding. Someone in a fugue state wouldn’t have done either of these, but it does give Bull an idea.


Benny calls for a recess and Bull explains. The killer had remorse, something that Tally doesn’t have. It couldn’t have been her.


They go into chambers and change their plea to plain old not guilty.


Bull talks to the team. Tally always has splinters of memories from her blackouts, so they need to work on bringing those to the surface. They also need to find out who actually did it. Taylor and Danny have been working on that. There was a guy in a baseball cap selling drugs that the brother kicked out that’s as good a place as any to start. They also have the first witness, Blake Lambert, the friend who intervened at the party.


At first it seems to be going well. Tally even recognizes their strategy. And then the prosecutor brings up the brother filing for guardianship so that he could institutionalize her. Lambert talks about her temper and how they all thought she might snap that night. All in all, not great.


The team talks again. Taylor has to leave. Chunk thinks that Tally did it. Bull thanks him for his opinion and them asks them all to leave. Marissa doesn’t. She gives him the prosecutor’s new evidence.


It’s drawings of the brother found in Tally’s cell. She was using them to process the situation and possibly recover memories. It didn’t work and Bull is very worried.


She gets on the stand and explains herself. She’s not normal and she does not process things normally. She’s not sad her brother is dead, but he was the only person that ever loved her. She wouldn’t just take that away. The prosecutor brings up one of Bull’s tapes and postures that they shouldn’t believe a word Tally says. She doesn’t actually ask a question though.


Danny and Gabriel are out to eat when Danny gets a call from work and has to leave.


The guy that they were looking into was arrested that night for drugs and didn’t kill anyone. He did; however, sell rufies. Tally didn’t have a blackout after all.


They put Lambert back on the stand. He bought rufies from the drug dealer, drugged Tally, and attempted to rape her. He’s done it before to a girl in college. This time, the brother caught him. They fought and Lambert killed him. Once he realized what he had done, he had remorse and tried to stop the bleeding. When that didn’t work, he wiped the scissors and left Tally unconscious and covered in her brother’s blood.


Benny’s closing argument is on reasonable doubt. The rapist is counting on everyone assuming that the sociopath did it because of inherent assumptions and stereotypes.


The jury votes not guilty.

Bull found a facility for Tally. It’s residential, she can leave whenever she wants, and she has control. She puts on a show about knowing that he would come back, and even hugs him, but she’s just messing with him. She’ll check out the facility.


In a twist, the sociopath didn’t do it. I liked it. 8/10