#Bull Season 3 Episode 8 "But for the Grace"

The episode starts in the Black Friday line. A man and his wife are waiting to buy a gift for their kid. The guy in front of them has three friends that show up late drunk. The wife gets mad, because they’ve been in the line for four hours and these guys just got here. The drunk guys get ugly and then punch the other man in the face. The wife gets security right as one of the guys falls to the ground. All the men get arrested.


The man who was attacked is the only one without a fancy lawyer. He can either pay $5000 dollars for bail, which he doesn’t have, be in jail until Monday, or plead guilty and pay a $75 dollar fine. The public defender heavily suggests this, the ADA puts pressure on, and he accepts it.


A week later, he’s at work and is approached by police. The guy that he plead guilty to shoving has died and he’s being arrested for manslaughter.


The public defender asks for Benny’s help.


Benny asks for Bull’s help.


Bull goes to the ADA to try to get him to drop the charges, but he turns out to be a Jesse Eisenberg kind of dick.


Benny and Bull are in the car. Bull wants to throw the public defender to the wolves. Benny doesn’t like it, but he does it anyway. They try to get the guilty plea revoked. It doesn’t work, but the judge is going to report the public defender to the state bar.  Also, the guy’s wife wants a divorce.


Bull talks to Benny about what kind of jurors they need. They need pragmatists. No idealists and no dreamers.

Gabriel and Danny are at dinner. She’s telling a story about camping in a storm and how it’s the safest she’s ever felt because her dad is awesome when this guy behind them starts having a heart attack. Gabriel saves his life while Danny calls an ambulance, but once the guy is ok, he freaks, and they leave.


The police officer is put on the stand. He says that if he had known it would be a homicide, he would have called the detectives. If the guy had known it would be a homicide, he would have plead not guilty.


One of the guys that ganged up on the man, Chris, is put on the stand. He insinuates that Chris might have been drunk. Chris almost loses it in the courtroom.


In private with Bull and Benny he does lose it. He’s been sober for six months and he’s going through hell. He also doesn’t like being told what to do. Bull and Benny tell him to chill out.


Benny buys Bull dinner as an apology. He also offers to go solo. Bull isn’t sure what to do. And it gets worse when Benny gets a call that Chris is in the hospital. One of the inmates picked a fight with him in the cafeteria and broke his wrist. Them thinking they’re screwed makes me think that they’re screwed.


Chunk and the wife talk. She’s an hour late and couldn’t text or call him because she’s out of minutes. She’s extremely angry but she’ll do anything to help Chris out, even lie. Chunk tells her never to lie in a court of law. Ever.


Danny goes to see Gabriel. He’s in the tub with alcohol and headphones. He used to be a surgeon, but now he’s afraid of being arrested and deported. She doesn’t push any deeper than that and I want to know. Did he screw up a surgery? Was he working for a cartel? What happened? You can’t just make the guy interesting and not tell us why.


They put the wife on the stand. The ADA plays a recorded prison phone call where she says that she would lie. It destroys her credibility.


Bull and Benny see the ADA gloating at the courthouse. Benny talks about this thing that lawyers on “misdemeanor row” do and Bull remembers seeing this exact thing when he was there before. He goes to take a picture of what is in effect a scoreboard and they get it in a model.


Through some finagling, they get the ADA on the stand and confront him about it. He crashes and burns.


Bull and Benny talk to Chris about what happens next.


Benny’s closing argument is that it could have been anyone. The only thing Chris is guilty of is having extremely bad luck.


Chris thanks Benny for his closing argument. Bull offers to visit him and to bring his wife and kid around.


The jury comes back way too quickly for it to make any sense and declares him not guilty.


He apologizes to Benny, who apologizes back. Then he goes with his wife to see his kid.


So that was full on Shakespeare “let’s kill all the lawyers.” It was certainly an interesting strategy, but it didn’t quite strike right with me. 7/10