#Bull Season 3 Episode 9 "Separation" Recap and Review

The episode starts with a painting and music. The painting is of a woman and there is a man crying in front of it. His maid hugs him. His fiancé is dead? He wants to look around while she makes him tea. When she comes back, he’s stolen the painting.


Or has he? According to the man’s lawyer, the painting rightfully belongs to the man. His ex-wife, not fiancé, gave it to him before she died of cancer. They were about to get married again and he fully intends to take the painting back with him to Germany. The only problem is that she never changed her will, which states that the painting is to go to a museum upon the event of her death. Said museum wants their $10 million-dollar painting.


Bull tries to negotiate with the museum but gets a 24-hour ultimatum instead.


A guy from ICE comes to see Danny and asks him about Gabriel, though he claims not to know Gabriel’s name. She doesn’t tell him anything.


After he leaves; however, she does ask Taylor to find Gabriel so that she can warn him. Taylor finds him, but he’s already in custody.

He’s been in the U.S. 7 years without papers of any kind. In his home country, which if I’m not mistaken is never explicitly, he was very well off. Then they started rounding up the smart people and executing them. He was conned by a lawyer who promised him citizenship and a job, only to give him a tourist visa. Now he’s going into immigration court without a lawyer.


Bull tells the team about their client, Geoffrey Schreiber. He’s rich on his own, so he doesn’t need the money. Chunk brings up the point that rich people always want to get richer. Bull says that the value of the painting is what it represents.


The jury that they will need for this case are people that, in layman’s terms, do not care about the law. He has an extremely euphemized term for it, but that’s essentially what it boils down to.

Gabriel is in court without a lawyer. The judge is about to sentence him when Benny comes in and files for political asylum. Did he not think to do that in seven years? Anyway, bond is set at $10,000 dollars, which apparently Bull pays. Benny wants Gabriel to go to his apartment and make a list of all the people that could testify on his behalf in the next 13 hours.


Bull and Danny talk. He doesn’t think Gabriel has a “snowball’s chance in hell,” and if this weren’t tv, he would probably be right.


The guy whose life Gabriel saved is on the stand, but he doesn’t make any headway with the judge. Bull talks to Benny about how hopeless this case is. Then he has an idea.


Case whiplash back to the painting case. Geoffrey’s sister is on the stand. He told her about the painting, but she’s not credible because she’d be most likely to get it after his death.


Back to Gabriel. Bull wants to put Danny on the stand, but he needs her to speak to be understood, not to shame.


For a while, it seems to work. There’s only one small problem. Gabriel broke the law. There’s no getting around that. Bull says that they have one more witness, but it isn’t true.

He, Danny, Marissa, and Benny brainstorm. Maybe they could find the lawyer who conned him?


Thankfully Chunk and Taylor have something more concrete, on their other case. It’s a frame maker that the woman often did business with. She’s willing to testify about the painting.


Danny tries to talk to Gabriel. She has an idea. She wants to get married? That’s completely insane. They’ve been on what, two dates? When they first met eight episodes ago, she didn’t even like him. He also thinks she’s crazy, but they are running out of options.


They talk through the process. Danny’s planned for everything, except she hasn’t. There is a 24-hour waiting period, therefore making their quickie green card marriage impossible.


The custom frame woman is on the stand. She commissioned a new frame for her painting because she wanted it to be a gift for her husband. She was never able to finish the order because she got too sick, but she did ask for it to be delivered to his home.


Apparently this wins them the case? Schreiber says that if there is ever anything he can do for them, it’s done. This gives Bull an idea.


Which he does not share immediately. He does get permission for voluntary deportation. Gabriel has two and a half hours to get to the airport, where Bull promised to personally escort him. Danny says goodbye to him and he leaves.


He leaves on Schreiber’s jet. He’s not going back to whatever South American country he’s from. He’s going to Germany and he’s getting a redo. He’s going to apply for political asylum.


Bull talks to Danny. She’s mad that he didn’t tell her but glad that he did it.


Did anybody else get case whiplash? This felt like two episodes, but neither was executed well. One was rushed and the other predictable, though I will give credit to the Germany thing. That was clever. Otherwise, I was not wowed. 6.5/10