#Bull Episodes One & Two Recap & Review

When the body of Alyssa Yang is washed ashore in the Bahamas Brandon Peters is accused of killing her because he had slept with her and she was last seen on a yacht owned by his father, Pete Peters

They hire Dr. Jason Bull and his team at TAC (trial analysis Corp) to help them he and his staff figure out what a jury is thinking the Peters family lawyer Clyde Rutledge doesn't trust Bull. Bull creates a mirror jury. It turns out that Alyssa was a drug dealer. Dr. Bull is convinced that Bess Johnson is the key juror in this case.

Taylor Brandon's friend who he also slept with is your typical rich girl she is the one that had gotten Alyssa invited on the yacht when they get out of the courtroom Mr. Peters is shot multiple times by the victim's father, Mr. Yang

Clyde is making a deal to plead guilty to second-degree manslaughter Dr. Bull talks with Brandon after finally acknowledging that he is gay bull tells Clyde's assistant liberty that she will be doing the direct because the woman of the jury hates her boss. During her examination of Brandon, he tells the courtroom that he is gay. The jury finds Brandon not guilty. At her home Taylor's mother looks at the necklace that Alyssa was wearing and says "I just couldn't stand for you to be unhappy." referring to Taylor as police and do. Bull come to arrest her for Alyssa's murder

Episode 2

A plane is having trouble flying due to bad weather. Dr. Bull is with his latest client a rock star. Seeing that the plane has crashed and that the pilot is the only person to survive bull and Marissa go to meet the pilot

Captain Taylor and her attorney Oscar Weber tell bull and Marissa what happened during the storm Oscar don't believe that if this were to go to trial that they would win he suggest that they settle with the families. Bull decides to take the case seeing as he is a former pilot himself. After five mock trials, each one coming up guilty the TAC team changed one thing they changed the captain to a male because the jury couldn't get over their bias of a female pilot.

While watching her copilot's family on a park bench, Taylor tells Bull that the family was really close, but the wife Mary blames her for her husband's death. Her attorney thinks that a settlement is the best option goes looking for Taylor. Finding out that Oscar has a financial incentive for her to settle she decides to fire him and bull appoints Benny as her new lawyer. 

Benny shows the jurors how we all have a little bias in us. The mirror jury reacts just like their counterparts. Bull brings the copilot's wife Mary into mock court she accuses Taylor of having an affair with her husband Ken Bull did this so that Mary wouldn't blow up in an actual court. Cable hacked into the in-flight wifi to find out that Ken's mistress was Tanya Bryant. Bull and Taylor go into a flight simulator to recreate the conditions of flight 1372 Taylor does the same maneuver to get five more seconds of flight out of the plane to avoid crashing on a crowded neighborhood.

Benny tells a story using pictures about three kids being bullied and one of them stands up to the bully he asks the jury what color shirt the hero was wearing no one thought the girl in red was the one that stood up to the bully. The jury finds Taylor not guilty back at TAC HQ the team is celebrating the win