#GreysAnatomy S:13 Episode 2 "Catastrophe And The Cure" Recap & Review

We are just two episodes in, and I have already gone through my allotted box of tissues for the month.  

Amelia and Hunt are settling into their new lives as newlyweds and Kepner are not exactly motherhood. But this episode is focused primarily on Karev. We learn that the prosecutor is seeking charges of felony assault in the second degree against Alex. This is the worst of the worst of sentencing as Alex is a pediatric surgeon.  

We also watch Maggie going crazy over her crush on Meredith's love interest Dr. Riggs.  Unfortunately, Mer still hasn't told Maggie about their budding relationship even though she just promised Maggie that she would never lie to her again.  

Amelia throws a house party to try and reconcile once best friends Riggs and her husband, Owen. Unfortunately for Amelia, the number of party guests double. We see Maggie wanting to ask Riggs out and trying to develop the courage to do so. It is unsuccessful.  

We see Karev's good side and are reminded that he is an excellent pediatric surgeon. We are shown this when we see that he has been reunited with one of his old patients 6-year-old Zachary. 

We then see Maggie develop the courage to ask Riggs out, who turns Maggie down 😳.