#Charmed Reboot Season 1 episode 4 "Exorcise your Demons" recap

What other spells are hidden in the Book of Shadows?

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The newest episode of Charmed started where the last one left off with Angela Wu locked in the attic possessed by the Harbinger. An elder, Charity, comes down and says that the girls have to kill Angela or she could kill everyone in the town. In the reboot series, the elders are portrayed differently than the original series since they seem more human, Charity is even carrying a phone. We also find out that the girls’ mom was an elder which was surprising.

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While Mel and Maggie do not want to kill Angela, Macy agrees that they should kill her because she is too dangerous. Macy also never knew Angela and never bonded with her, and she is the scientific one and relies on reason. Macy even asks Galvin, her love interest which she works with, if you could kill one person to save the whole city would you do it.

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This reminded me of the original series when the sisters were asked if they could save one sister or five strangers who would help you save? Detective Tripp is suspicious of the girls and thinks that might have kidnapped Angela, though Niko doesn’t agree with him. Mel believes that Angela’s soul is still trapped inside her, so she does a spell and sees that she is still inside. She tells Charity, but she says they still have to kill Angela because she is too dangerous.

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Mel brings Angela to Maggie, and they try to find a spell to get the demon out of Angela. They ask the book of shadows, and it opens to an empty page. Parker, who is Maggie’s sorority sister Lucy’s boyfriend, comes when they are trying to figure out what to do with Angela, and they kiss, but Maggie says it can’t happen again. Macy finally comes around and finds the girls and while the three are together a spell comes onto the empty page that their mother wrote to get rid of the demon. 

That’s one way to distract him.

That’s one way to distract him.

The spell works and they are able to trap the demon in a paint can and give the can to Charity. Detective Tripp comes in to see what the girls are up to and is killed when a beam falls on him.

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Charity says she will take care of it and we late find out framed him for the Halloween murders and made it seem like he killed himself. While Charity is taking the can to a safe place, a demon takes it from her. The reboot is going in an exciting direction, and I am excited to see what will happen next. I am interested to see what will happen to the harbinger and if Maggie and Parker will get together.

Overall rating 8/10, see you next episode!