#Charmed Reboot Summary

We have been waiting for the Charmed reboot for a while, and it is finally here. The series started with two sisters,

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Mel and Maggie meeting a third sister, Macy after the death of their mother. They made it seem as if the mother's death was an accident, Mel doesn't believe this. After the three girls start experiencing weird events, the girls are told by Harry that they are magic powers and that their mother was unbinding their powers the night she was murdered.

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The oldest Macy has the power of telekinesis, Mel has the power of freezing time, and the youngest Maggie has the power of mind-reading when she touches someone.

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The three sisters are told they can accept their destiny as witches or they can reject it and time will reset to before Macy met Mel and Maggie. While they are in the midst of defeating the demon, they think killed their mother, though the demon says he didn’t kill her, they decide to accept their destiny and carry on their mother’s legacy.

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The girls see a message on their Ouija board to not trust Harry so they use a truth serum to see if they can trust him. It turns out the spirit inside the board is not their mother but a demon is pretending to be their mother, and the girls decide they can trust Harry. When Macy finds ooze at a scene of a vanquish, Harry figures out that it is the harbinger of hell which needs a human to possess.

The girls try to find out who the harbinger has possessed and they figure out it was Angela Wu, who was in a coma. The girls and Harry can capture Angela Wu but not get the Harbinger out of her, so she is brought back to the house and locked up in chains.

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Overall, the Charmed reboot is different from the original one but has some interesting aspects, and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.