#Charmed Season 1 Episode 11 "Witch Perfect" Recap

Secrets are revealed in this episode of Charmed was interesting because many. It also makes you think about how people keep secrets from loved ones to protect them, which Mel mentions. Macy tells Maggie and Mel that she and Maggie share a father and Mel is their half-sister. They get angry at her and Macy is mad at them for their reaction. Maggie auditions to join the acapella group at her school, the Hilltones, and gets into the group.

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Maggie does not know that when the conductor of the group went to Greece, he accidentally released a demon from a pitch pipe that took him over. Mel goes with Jada on an Arcana mission, and when Jada walks away, Niko approaches her and says some people are worried that Jada is in a cult and it is clear that Niko does not recognize her.

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Macy wants to figure out what happened to her parents and does a spell to reveal secrets. Letters between her parents are revealed, and Macy starts reading them with Galvin and finds out that her parents were still in love after they split up and her father knew about Maggie and that her mom was a witch. The conductor of Maggie’s a capella group traps the girl who has the solo in the pitch pipe.

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Maggie touches the pipe and hears her scream and figures out that there is something wrong with the conductor. They discover he has turned the Hilltones into a siren to steal the audience’s souls. The girls have trouble vanquishing him at first because they are not working together because they are angry at each other. They discuss their feelings and forgive each other and can defeat him.

Galvin is able to release the souls from the pitch pipe by playing the Devils Tritone, which he knew because he grew up in New Orleans. In the end, Maggie and Macy are reading the letter, and Maggie finds a letter saying that their parents brought Macy back from the dead. I am interested to find out what happened to Macy and what will happen to Harry because he still does not seem recovered from his time in Tartarus.

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Harry is questioning whether or not he wants to be the girl’s whitelighter anymore. It was entertaining seeing Galvin help Macy vanquish the demon and seeing how he was into the witch aspect. I also liked that there was a callback to the original Charmed since there was an episode with a siren.

Overall, I give this episode and 8 out of 10