#Charmed Season 1 Episode 12 "You're Dead to Me"

In this episode of Charmed, everyone is trying to deal with events from their past. Macy is trying to deal with the fact that she was resurrected. Mel is trying to get over Niko after seeing her at the Haunt. Maggie is trying to get over Parker and Harry is trying to deal with the fact that his son is alive.

We see a flashback at the beginning of the episode from when Macy resurrected by a necromancer, who told Marisol that she couldn't see Macy for two years after or Macy will die, that was the catch to revive Macy.

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Macy wants answers about what happened to her as a child, so she summons the necromancer who brought her back to life, Nancy. When she appears, she is angry because a witch, Syd, is following her and Nancy is afraid Syd is going to accompany her to the house.

Mel gets together with Niko a couple of times at the same place they were together in the pilot to talk to her about getting out of a dangerous situation. Niko says she has a sense of déjà vu, but Mel continues to play dumb. Harry tells Mel she can’t see Niko anymore.

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Harry accidentally orbs Mel and himself to England because all he can think about is the son he has forgotten, leaving Harry choice but to tells Mel about his son, and Mel decides to helps him find his son. Harry says he does not want to talk to his son because he does not want to confuse him, so he watches him from afar. 

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Syd attacks Nancy, Macy, and Maggie and Maggie throw Syd through a window using telekinesis. Macy and Maggie are trying to protect Nancy from Syd, but Maggie has to go to a party that Lucy invited her to attend. Maggie sees Parker there, but she is still angry at him.

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Syd takes Maggie hostage in the bathroom of the party to get Macy to bring Nancy to the party. Macy almost kills Syd by using her powers to stop her heart, but Parker warns her by telling her that she does not need to go to the dark side.

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Maggie tells Parker she doesn’t hate him anymore after what he did for Macy. Syd tells them that Nancy uses demon blood to bring people back and they all turn into demons. Macy goes to Parker’s mom and tells her she will help her get the demon blood out of Parker if she can get the demon blood out of her.

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In the end, we see Lucy talking to Parker’s dad on Skype, and he is trying to get her to get Maggie and Parker back together. It seems as if he is controlling her, but it is not clear. It was good to get some answers on where Macy’s darkness comes from and why her mother gave her up. It will be interesting to see if Macy will be able to get the demon out of her.

I give this episode an 8 out of 10.