Charmed Season 1 Episode 13 "Manic Pixie Nightmare Recap & Review

In this episode of Charmed, a Pixie named Chloe is on the loose and is targeting while males in the film department. The Pixie makes people happy and not have control of themselves, and they wind up killing themselves or getting hurt.

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At the beginning of the episode Chloe is with a boy in the film department and convinces him he can fly and they jump off the building, and he dies. She then has another boy in the film department chase a dog into the street, and he gets hit by a car and is in a coma.

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The girls are immune because they are witches although Harry is not. They look at who is in the film class that Chloe is targeting and see that only Parker and one other white male, Zack, are in the class. They think that Parker will be immune because he is a demon, but Maggie sees him skipping outside and discovers that he is not immune.

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Macy and Parker’s mom was working on the way to suppress his demon side, and it was working. Parke runs into the street to try to catch a puppy and is almost hit by a car, but Maggie saves him. Maggie uses her powers to get into his head and gets him out from under Chloe’s spell.

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The sisters trap Chloe, and she says that someone stole her heart. The sisters discover that when a Pixie’s heart, which looks like an acorn, is taken the person who has it can get the Pixie to do their bidding. They realize that Zack stole her heart since they saw him with a necklace that has an acorn on it.

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Parker tells Maggie that Zack is working in the archives and they went in to get Chloe’s heart back. Chloe tells them that Zack made her get rid of the other white males in the class so he could get the seminar that he wanted. Maggie thanks Parker for helping them and she kisses him.  Macy is still trying to find a way to get rid of her demon half, and Galvin is trying to help her. Galvin suggests that they go to Mama Roz not knowing that Macy has seen her before because his grandmother knows a way to get rid of the demon and she has passed away.

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Galvin gets in touch with his grandmother, and she tells him about a test that would help get the demon out of her. He wants to do it, but Macy is worried that he will get hurt. She tells him she won’t stop him but is concerned about him. Mel is still with Jada, but Maggie and Macy don't trust Jada. 

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Jada tells her that her parents want to see her. She is worried about seeing them because they do not know she is a witch and they think she is in a cult. In the end, Mel is with Jada when she is going to see her parents, and someone comes and shoots her.

Overall this seemed like a filler episode although some essential things happened like Galvin deciding to help Macy get the demon out of her and Maggie kissing Parker. It will be interesting to see if Maggie and Parker stay together or if he will turn on her. It will also be interesting to see if Galvin helps Macy get the demon out of her.

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I give this episode an 8 out of 10