#Charmed Season 1 Episode 14 "Touched by a Demon" Recap

The episode starts with Mel helping Jada after she got shot with the arrow. Jada says that the people that shot her were witch hunters. They decide to talk to Niko and Mel tells Jada that Niko doesn’t know they dated. Jada tells her about a spell called an Acadian smokescreen which would have allowed Mel to hide Niko from the demon without having to lose her.

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Maggie and Parker want to sleep together for the first time, but a force field comes out of Maggie and zaps Parker across the room. Back at the house, Macy is worried about Galvin who went on the quest to help Macy get the demon out of her. Maggie is telling Macy what happened with Parker and Macy puts her hand on the stove, and it burns although she doesn’t feel it.

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Harry heals her and says that is a trait of a demon. Macy decides to watch an old 90s tv show called Heaven’s Vice to get her mind off her worries. She spills escape oil from that belonged to her mother on the router and two of the characters from the show, Levi and Gideon, come out through a portal that opens. A vampire also comes out, but since Macy watches the show, she knows how to kill him.

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Mel and Jada talk to Niko about the witch hunters, and she says that she did not know about them. When Niko mentions their names, Jada realizes that their parents got a lot of money from money laundering and she made them give up the money. They all decide to meet the witch hunters with the police and Mel freezes time, and they take down the witch hunters. The witch hunters have a ring that protects them from magic and Mel tries to take it off of them while they are frozen.

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It is stuck on them, but Jada helps Mel use her powers to imaging the ring centuries from now, and the ring dissipates. Macy is trying to convince the Gideon and Levi to go back into the show, but Gideon does not want to. He pushes Macy and Harry through the portal, and they get sucked into the tv show. Macy realizes that there are only fifteen minutes left of the show and Harry says they have to get out before the show ends or they will be stuck there forever.

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Maggie can hear them through the screen and calls Mel, and they try to help them get out. There is a devil in the scene Harry and Macy are in, and they need to kill him before Mel and Maggie open the portal so the devil can’t come out through the portal. Macy chops off the horn of the devil and kills him with it. Maggie and Mel made another escape oil, but it needs two weeks to boil. Mel uses her new powers of time manipulations to boil the escaping oil, and the sisters open a portal and get Macy and Harry out. The girls are watching Heaven’s Vice together, and Mel says she wants to talk to Charity about her displaying demonic characteristic. Mel thinks she shouldn’t because she doesn’t trust the elders after they didn’t tell her about the Acadian smokescreen.

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Maggie and Parker are finally able to sleep together at the end of the episode but Parker turns into his shadow demon, and they fall through the floor into an empty room. A person in the room next door wakes up and says it’s time. This was an enjoyable episode although it did not move the plot forward much. As someone who has thought about what it would be like to go into your favorite tv shows, this was a fun episode to watch. I am curious to see what will happen to Maggie and Parker. It was also interesting to see Mel’s power grow.

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This episode also reminded me of the original Charmed when the characters come out of the movie.

I give this episode an 8 out of 10