Charmed Season 1 Episode 15 "Switches and Stones"

This episode starts with Macy talking to Charity and the other elders about the demonic traits she was exhibiting. Another elder named Brianca asks Macy if she has had any strange dreams or visions and Macy says she has not.

Charity and Macy get called by Harry and Maggie. Maggie, Macy, Harry, and Charity are looking at the room that Parker and Maggie fell into at the end of last week's episode. It is in under the house, and they did not know it was there before or how it got came to exist. Harry and Charity say it is a vortex that can expand a witches power. Maggie and Macy's touch ruins on the walls before Harry tells them not to touch anything. Mel and Jada are in Ireland to retrieve the Sorona stone which will help heal Fiona thought Mel doesn’t know why they are in Ireland.

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Jada tells Mel that Fiona is still alive and Jada asks Mel not to tell anyone including her sisters. Jada tells Mel that the elders were scared of Fiona because she was born to the keeper of the sacred flame, the source of magic, and she joined the Sarcana. Mel finally returns from Ireland and Maggie is angry at Mel because Maggie couldn’t get in touch with her for an entire day. They get in an argument, and Maggie touches Mel to try to hear what she’s thinking.

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They go to sleep, and when they wake up, they are in each other’s bodies. They call Harry, and he says because Maggie touched the wall in the vortex under the house they switched bodies. Harry says that switching bodies is a more advanced version of feeling the other person’s emotions. Macy has a dream about someone turned into stone, and she goes for a run outside and sees the person she saw in her dream turned into stone and thinks she did it in her dream. The girls and Harry go to look at the statue. Macy thinks because she touched the wall of the vortex, the demon part of her has awakened.

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Macy says she wants to tell the elders about her dream, but Mel thinks she shouldn’t. Macy tells Brianca about her dream, and she tests her to see how far her demon side has progressed. Maggie goes to see Jada because she is still is Mel’s body.  Jada tells her that Fiona is still alive and Maggie sees her. Mel in Maggie’s body is taken to a frat house for rush for her sorority. While she is in the van going to the frat house, she hears another girl, Daphne’s, thoughts and she sounds worried about going to the frat house. Two more people are turned into stone and Macy figures out it is Medusa that is turning people into stone.

Charity reveals that Medusa used to be a witch and she was raped and punished which turned her into Medusa. Medusa shows up at the frat party, and she starts turning people into stone. Mel looks at the phone of one of the people who was turned into stone and sees they are looking up a hashtag called lollipop guild about girls performing sexual acts on men. They see Daphne is in one of the pictures and realize she accidentally summoned Medusa and Medusa and seeking vengeance on everyone who was involved in making the hashtag and everyone who didn’t do anything about it.

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Macy notices everyone Medusa turned into stone is looking away from her and she realizes Medusa wants to be seen by someone. Macy talks to Medusa and tells her she sees her and Medusa disappears and turns everyone back. Mel realizes that she mastered Maggie’s powers because she can’t hear thoughts anymore and they can switch back into their bodies.

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In the end, Macy is talking to Brianca, and she tells Macy that she has the evil sight and can see evil acts from the past including her mother’s death. Macy can see her mother’s death, and she sees Charity standing in the attic next to a broken window. Charity then comes and kills Brianca.

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This ending was, and I am excited to see what is going to happen next. This was an entertaining episode, and I thought Maggie and Mel did a good job playing each other.

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Overall, I give this episode a 9 out of 10