Charmed Season 1 Episode 16 "Memento Mori" Recap & Reveiw

This episode starts with Charity waking up Macy. It is clear that Macy does not remember seeing Charity kill her mother at the end of the last episode. Macy starts having gaps in memory brought on by Charity and is having visions of what she forgot and thought she might be exhibiting her demon side.

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Maggie notices burns on Macy’s arm, but Macy does not remember how they got there. Charity says that self- harm could be a demonic trait. Maggie and Parker are eating brunch together, and Lucy is there talking to Parker’s dad, Alastair, on her phone. Lucy offers to get drinks for them and pours something into Parker’s drink. Parker later passes out getting out of the shower.

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Parker tells Maggie that he thinks his father gave him a demonic virus he had when he was a child because he is the only one who can cure him. Maggie says she will find another way to cure him. Macy has a dream of Brianca throwing the needle at her head at the end of the last episode, and she wakes up and finds Bianca's body in the attic and thinks she might have killed her.

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Macy is worried about what she could do, and Charity suggests they bind her powers, but Harry, Maggie, and Mel are against th Ris. Macy sees the needle in the attic and puts in in her head and sees Brianca showing her that Charity killed her mother and Charity killing Brianca. Charity appears and takes Macy to the vortex under the house. Maggie and Mel talk to Dr. Julia, Parker’s mom, and begin to suspect that Charity is lying to them when she tells them self-harming is not a demonic trait.

They go to the house and look for Macy but cannot find her. Harry finds them, and they think Charity and Macy are in the vortex under the house because Charity told them not to go there. Harry takes Maggie and Mel to the vortex, and Macy tells them that Charity killed their mother.  They start to fight Charity, and they take her powers away. After the fight, Maggie and Mel tell Macy they want to see how their mother died, and she shows them.

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Their mother, Marisol, was in the process of unbinding their powers and Charity came in. Marisol told Charity that their first baby died and was brought back with necromancy and that her daughters are the Charmed Ones. Charity was worried about the danger of a Charmed one brought back by dark magic and tried to get Marisol to stop the unbinding spell, but she would not stop. Charity used her powers to throw Marisol out of the window, but she was able to finish the spell before she died.

In the present, Fiona comes to Harry and Charity, and they are surprised to see her. Fiona tells Charity that she will be taken to Tartarus for her betrayal. While Charity is taken away by the guards, Alastair comes and kills the guards and takes Charity with him.

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This was a fascinating episode, and there was a lot of action. It was good to see exactly what happened with Marisol’s death finally, and the fight scene between Charity and the girls was exciting.

Overall, I give this episode a 9 out of 10