Charmed Season 1 Episode 17 "Surrender" Recap & Review

This episode was all about surrendering. Harry is punished by the elders or his relationship with Charity and putting the girls in danger. The elders take away his powers, and he starts aging immediately.

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The girls don’t want to surrender and want to help Harry. They talk to the elders and ask them to give Harry his powers back but they will not. Mel talks to Jada and asks if Fiona can heal Harry, but Jada says she does not want her to and they have a fight.

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Maggie does not want to give up on Parker and wants to help him.

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There is a demon, Viralis, that makes girls surrender to him and kill themselves after he tells them their greatest desire. He needs ten girls to sacrifice themselves to keep himself alive ten more years. One of the victims, Scarlet, goes to Niko for help and Niko talks to Mel because it might be related to the Sarcana. Maggie decides to go undercover and get taken by him so she can get his blood to help Parker. She goes to read poetry at the student union where the other girls were taken, and she gets taken by Viralis.

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Macy and Mel finds her and Niko is there. Mel freezes Niko and Harry, and she and Macy go inside and fight the demon. While Harry is frozen, Fiona comes and tries to get into his mind but is not able to get into Harry’s head. Maggie is still under the demon’s control and tries to strangle Mel because he told her to kill anyone who came in. Macy kills the demon with the knife and get the blood for Maggie.

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Mel and Macy go outside and unfreeze Niko and Harry, but Niko notices a cut on Mel’s hand and gets suspicious. Fiona comes and says she wants to heal Harry. Fiona takes him to the vortex under the house. Fiona heals him and then she starts doing more magic on him. It seems that she is trying to control the whole world with his mind, but it is not clear.

I am curious what will happen with Harry and Fiona and if Niko will find out Mel’s secret. This was an exciting episode although there was not as much action as the last couple of episodes.

I give this episode an 8 out of 10.