#Charmed Season 1 Episode 18 "The Replacement" Recap & Review

This episode started with Galvin still on his trek to help Macy remove her darkness. He is running through the jungle, and he falls. Harry is still missing, and the girls get a new whitelighter, Tessa. The sisters do not let Tessa know that Harry is still alive since the elders think that Harry is dead.

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Maggie sees that she has to pay tuition now since she is no longer a faculty member’s child and Maggie is worried about how she is going to pay it. Maggie thinks about applying for a scholarship from the Black Student Union but decides not to because it doesn’t feel right.

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Galvin returns from his trek and Macy is worried to tell him she does not want to remove her darkness anymore. There is a dead boy that Tessa brings into the house to show the girls, and she is upset that the girls didn’t know there was demonic activity near them. Galvin says the body is the customs agent he saw at the airport. Macy thinks he was killed by a vampire since there are two marks on him.

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Galvin gives some artifacts from the trip to Macy, and she gives them to Mama Roz. Maggie stays with the dead man while Mel and Macy are trying to find the vampire and she hears scratching. Maggie calls Tessa and Tessa says she is hearing the soul of the dead man. Galvin goes to Mama Roz and kills her because Mama Roz has the artifacts and it is revealed that a demon possesses him.

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Maggie hears Mama Roz’s thoughts, and she says that the Abiku killed her and to find the lost soul and kill the Abiku with her dagger. Maggie tries to listen for the lost soul, and she hears Galvin calling out to her. Maggie, Mel, and Tessa go to find Macy, but Galvin is chasing after her. Mel freezes him, and Macy gets away.

Macy says she can stop Galvin’s heart and start it up again when the Abiku is out because she does not want to stab him with the dagger. Macy gets the Abiku out, but it takes her to the attic. Maggie and Mel find her in the attic and kill the Abiku with the dagger. Galvin says he doesn’t want to date Macy anymore after seeing her dark side when she was stopping his heart.

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Niko calls Mel and Mel goes to her and sees that the place where the Saraca gathered has been ransacked. Niko asks her what is going on and Mel tells her she is a witch and tells her to leave. Mel sees all of the Sarcana are dead, but she seeds Jada alive. Jada says to Mel that Fiona killed everyone and has taken Harry hostage. Mel finds Harry’s pin and shows Maggie and Macy. They decide to use Tessa and the elders to locate Harry.


This was an exciting episode, and it will be interesting to see how Niko will react to finding out Mel is a witch and what will happen to Harry. It was also nice to see Maggie’s powers expand. I am also looking forward to seeing what will happen between the sisters and Fiona.

Overall, I give this episode and 8 out of 10.