Charmed Season 1 Episode 19 "Source Material"

This episode of Charmed starts with the girls seeing what happened to the Sarcana through Macy putting Bianca’s needle in her head. They see Fiona killing all of the witches in the Sarcana and her controlling Harry by placing a collar on him. Alastair tells Charity she needs to go to Tartarus to do something for his, but he does not say what yet. The sisters tell Tessa that Harry is missing and they put a tracking device on her to track her when she finds him.

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Mel follows her but finds the tracking device in the trash. Niko finds Mel and says she will help her find Tessa. Dr. Julia gives Parker his last shot to become human, and he turns into a demon and throws her through a glass wall and kills her. Macy comes later and sees something is wrong in the lab. She and Galvin find Dr. Julia in her car dead. Galvin wants to call the police, but Macy does not want to.

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Macy uses the needle to see what happened. She sees Parker throwing Dr. Julia through a window and then she gets up and opens the closet to find the real Dr. Julia there. It turns out that Hunter shapeshifted into Dr. Julia after Charity helped him escape from Tartarus. I was surprised by this twist since Hunter had been away for several episodes. Maggie then goes to Parker, and he tells her he killed his mother, and she gets upset. Paker walks away, and Maggie then shapeshifts into Hunter who wanted Parker to feel that he had nothing live for left.

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Niko finds Tessa, and she goes to the apartment with Mel. They hear Tessa coming and hide in the closet. Tessa is talking to someone on the phone and says she was able to find Harry and she goes to him, and Mel follows her. Harry is with Fiona who is looking for the Origin Dagger, which controls magic. Mel and Maggie come, and they fight off Fiona and remove the collar she put on Harry but not before Fiona kills Tessa. Harry explains that Fiona wants to end magic because she feels that she has always been used to gain power. He says that whoever stabs themselves with the Origin Dagger will increase a massive amount of power.

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Maggie later gets a letter from Parker saying goodbye. Macy figures out that Hunter shapeshifted into Maggie since she saw him shapeshift into Dr. Julia before. Galvin tells Macy he is going to work for Doctors without Borders to atone for killing people when the Abiku possessed him. Parker goes to his father, and he says he is ready to become the source and his father stabs him with the Origin Dagger.

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I am excited to find out what will happen to Parker now that he is going to be the source and what will happen in the fight between Fiona and the Charmed Ones. This episode also reminded me of the storyline from the original with Cole becoming the source. Overall, I give this episode a 9 out of 10.