Charmed Season 1 episode 20 "Ambush" Recap

In this episode, Macy’s dark side is taking over. The more she uses the needle she got from Bianca, the more her demon side comes out. She starts insulting Mel and Maggie and her eyes flash and her voice changes. Alastair gets Hunter to kill all of the elders because according to the prophecy all of the sieges need to fall for the source to take power. It also says the harbinger needs to be released and tip the scales from good to evil which will be marked by a deluge of blood.

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Only the Charmed ones and Charity know how to open the can that the harbinger is in so the girls think they do not need to worry about that happening. Hunter kills almost all of the elders, but one gets away by Harry orbing her out. Macy does a spell to remove Fiona’s immortality. Since the spell needs to be self-inflicted, she makes herself into a voodoo doll to make Fiona complete the spell on herself.

Macy also uses the needle and sees Fiona working with Alastair and that Alastair needs Fiona to give the power of the source to Parker. Lucy comes to the house and asks Maggie to use the bathroom, and she goes to the attic and takes a page from the book of shadows. Mel and Maggie later look at the Book of Shadows and see a page is missing. Maggie notices the smell of Lucy’s hand lotion and realizes she took the sheet. Maggie and Mel see Lucy and Mel freezes her and Maggie looks through her phone. She realizes Alastair has been calling her and has been mesmerized her because she wants Maggie and Parker together so Maggie won’t want to vanquish him.

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Macy gets angry with Mel when she tells her dark side is taking over. Macy throws Mel across the room and then feels guilty and breaks Bianca’s needle. The girls find a secret passageway that has gifts for them from their mom. There is a staff for Maggie and a watch for Mel to help her alter time. The sisters fight Hunter using the gifts, but he still kills the last elder. Fiona finds Charity and says she wants Parker to inherit the source so she can kill him and end magic.

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Fiona then says someone needs to kill Charity for the prophecy to take place since she is still a siege. Charity escape from Fiona with a potion. Mel tells Niko she changes her memory and Nico gets upset and leaves. In the end, blood starts coming out of people’s noses and eyes signaling the next sign of the apocalypse.

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I am excited to see what will happen with Fiona and the sisters and Charity. I am also interested to see in Parker will take on the powers of the source. I give this episode a 9 out of 10.